From Womb to Tomb: the diverse clientele of Quadrant2Design

Alan reels off the big names – Audi, Lotus, Nespresso, Smirnoff, and Nokia, with something approaching boredom.

“Everyone wants to hear the big names, but they’re not the interesting ones. We deal with clients far more ‘important’ than Audi and Nokia – those businesses that keep the world ticking over when we’re asleep. The companies we don’t know exist. Now they’re worth talking about, but people like big brands – they associate you working with big brands as a measure of credibility.”

It’s when he mentions the quirkier side of business that he starts getting excited.

“In that past few weeks we’ve got in touch with two different companies. One of them is exhibiting at a baby show a couple of months, and the other is showcasing its personalised urns at a funeral exhibition in the space of a few weeks!”

We both have to laugh – the loveliness of coincidence.

“Maybe we should just change our marketing campaign to, Quadrant2Design – your exhibition stands from womb to tomb!”

So I’m having a phone interview, howling with laughter – that’s got to be a good sign.

Fast forward a few weeks and Alan (or should I say Boss?) is telling us stories about some of the most interesting clients with whom Quadrant2Design has worked.

“I think one of the most memorable stands was for an erotica company.

“We have no idea how they found us but we made a really good stand for them. It marked the first time we put the word ‘fetish’ on our graphics, too!

“I remember the installation team were fighting each other to get the job to install it at the erotica show! They were hoping for souvenirs if they built the stand correctly.”

We’re all laughing, enjoying the fact that even erotica companies need to exhibit.

“Imagine being at that show”, says Alan. “They must have stood out like a dominatrix.”

The conversation moves on. We get to discussing how some clients make some bizarre demands. Andrew Carney explains.

“There are some real characters out there. I remember one man demanded that the graphics on his stand were no thinner than 500microns! Our usual graphics are 440microns, so we had to go to all sorts of lengths to get it right. It goes to show that you can never tell what demands a client is going to make, and this gentleman really tested our resourcefulness.”

– – –

There is a purpose to this story. These anecdotes demonstrate an assured and flexible approach to business. By taking on these varied projects the employees at Quadrant2Design put themselves in an advantageous position for two reasons.

The first is that the company is kept on its toes. The fact that there is a consistent stream of new clients makes the creative teams in Quadrant2Design test their skills on a daily basis.

The second is for the client. With a track-record spanning 14 years, without a single failure to deliver a stand on time, there are guarantees in place that Quadrant2Design will deliver a high-quality stand no matter the time-frame or industry; it has been done before, and it can be done again.

Moreover, your ambition is welcomed – Prestige has a lot of potential as a system and can facilitate hundreds of custom-designs.

Whatever you are selling, Quadrant2Design will combine all of its past experiences to create a new, shiny stand, just for you, down to the micrometre.