We want the best deal for you, whether you’re exhibiting in Manchester, Munich or Mumbai…

We realise that no two exhibition stand projects are ever the same.

And that, as an exhibitor your needs will vary, depending on where you are exhibiting, the size of your exhibition stand and the budgetary resources you have on hand.

So for example, while hiring your stand for a show in Manchester may make financial sense, you might decide that purchasing and self-building is a better deal for the smaller Munich stand.

Our Freedom2Exhibit® pricing plan offers you the enormous freedom to choose the best option for every exhibition stand project, no matter what the circumstances of venue, stand or resources you face.

What are the Pricing Options?

There are three main options that make up Freedom2Exhibit®.

Free2hire™ – Incredibly popular, this plan delivers you a custom-designed exhibition stand, in a modular format.

You pay nothing (yes nothing!) for the hire of the stand structure and you pay normal costs for your graphics, project management and professional installation.

You can use this plan for one exhibition stand,  or for two, or again and again (we help you reconfigure for future different stand space).

In fact many of our client’s base their entire exhibiting programme on Free2hire™.

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Buy2self-build™ – There are a significant number of exhibitors who are comfortable owning, self-managing and self-building their exhibition stands.

For the right company, this can make strong commercial sense.

Without the involvement of an exhibition contractor, you can save money while enjoying the freedom to exhibit at more shows.

Owning and self-building makes particular sense if you’re doing lots of shows or are exhibiting abroad a lot, both situations that can cost more when using a contractor.

Quadrant2Design’s solution – the Prestige Events System is easy to self-manage and self-build. Plus we support our Buy2self-build™ customers with one-to-one training, telephone and email advice, and online training tutorials.

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Hire2self-build™ – With this plan you do pay a hire charge for the stand hardware, as well as your exhibition graphics.

However unlike Free2hire™ – you self-manage and self-build your exhibition stand without our involvement.

As with any self-build project, we support you with one-to-one training, email and telephone advice, and access to online training tutorials.

After your show, the exhibition stand hardware is returned to us, while we store your exhibition graphics free of charge until your next show.

This plan can be used in circumstances where the combination of hiring and self-building make the most commercial sense.

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Project Management | Installation | Zero Hire Cost


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Self Manage | Stand Hire | Training & Support


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“Our success is based upon empowering our customer’s to exhibit more often, more effectively and with improving value.
Helping them to get the maximum return from their exhibiting, while enjoying the process”

Alan Jenkins
Founder | Quadrant2Design