Free Graphic Design Offer

Our graphic designers have a special understanding of the aeshetics and technical requirements of designing in large-format for Prestige exhibition stands.

They also know about the special requirements of applying your branding, images, colours and themes, to a three-dimensional structure.

We make our graphic design service available, as a choice,  to our new clients as part of our Free Graphic Design Offer.

This offer is available to all new clients but please note that the offer cannot be combined with our Free Photo-Floor Offer




How does it work?

  • Once your exhibition stand project goes live, you’re put in the safe-hands of your dedicated Project Manager
  • Your PM will talk to one of our graphic designers about your exhibition stand and introduce you to them
  • You and your graphic designer discuss the desired ‘look and feel’ of your graphic design and any ideas or themes you may wish to include
  • Your graphic designer works on your design, keeping you informed along the way, until final approval and sign-off
  • Please note, our free graphic design offer, does not include the purchase of any stock images or the creation of complex design assets (branding, logos, montaging etc.)
Free Graphic Design Offer