Your free design visuals use your branding, images, colours and themes, showing you in precise-detail exactly how your exhibition stand will look at you show…

We use your branding, your images and your themes and colours to create an authentic and stunning set of personalised visuals that show you exactly how your stand will look, designed and built in our Prestige Events System.

And despite being free, the designs we create, are probably the most carefully thought-out and carefully prepared you’ll find from any exhibition stand company.

We go into immense detail, showing you close-ups of product display showcases, digital presentations and special lighting features.

A blank canvas for your free design

Your entire Prestige stand can really be viewed as a blank canvas for your free design, personalised with your branding and images.

Our designs are the worlds-best at creating giant ‘lifestyle’ or ‘themed’ graphic environments, into which you place your products or services.

And our exhibition stand designs are the only ones that feature 100% graphic coverage, with no visible structural elements.

This makes our stands ideal for any sector, and we can create beautiful stands for (say) pharma and medical, or cosmetics, vaping… in fact any sector or industry niche.

Innovative design features, including amazing Photo-Floors, included in your free exhibition stand design

Our exhibition stands are custom-designed and feature a range of design innovations that are unique.

These include features such as Photo-Floors, backlit illuminated branding, fret-cut showcases and rotating branding signage.

This means the designs you receive are unique, containing design features and innovations that you won’t find anywhere else.

Stunning Photo-Floors are always included in your exhibition stand design visuals

We always include a vibrant Photo-Floor into all of our exhibition designs.

This extends your graphics and marketing message onto this otherwise wasted space.

In the battle for ‘visitor-attention’ this gives you a great advantage over your competitors with their boring-flooring (drab carpet).

In fact, it’s extremely unlikely you will see other photo-floors at your show, as we’re the only exhibition stand design & build company who always design this benefit into their service.

We design your Photo-Floor to complement and fit in to your overall graphic design, but always making them as strong and powerful as possible.

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