Free bespoke design visuals…

Call on 01202 723 500 or email to get your free design ideas and visuals

Your design visuals use your branding, images, colours and themes, showing you in precise-detail exactly how your exhibition stand will look at you show.

We use your branding, create an authentic and stunning set of personalised  design-visuals that show you exactly how your exhibition stand will look, designed and built in our Prestige Events System.

And despite being free, the design-visuals we create, are probably the most carefully thought-out and carefully prepared you’ll find from any exhibition stand company.


James and Amelia in graphics department

Alternative ideas for your next exhibition stand

Your free designs will provide exciting alternative ideas for your next exhibition stand project. Please tell us about every stand in your future exhibiting programme and we’ll visualise those as well!

Fresh, new ideas on your desk in days

Our exhibition designers will normally take 3 to 5 days to provide you with some fresh new ideas. So please don’t delay, use the form on this page, or if you prefer phone 0044 (0)1202 723 500 or email us on

Let’s get cracking on your new designs…

Unlimited visual design possibilities

Your entire Prestige stand can really be viewed as a blank canvas for your free design, personalised with your branding and images.

Our designs are the worlds-best at creating giant ‘lifestyle’ or ‘themed’ graphic environments, into which you place your products or services.

And our exhibition stand designs are the only ones that feature 100% graphic coverage, with no visible structural elements.

This makes our stands ideal for any sector, and we can create beautiful stands for (say) pharma and medical, or cosmetics, vaping… in fact any sector or industry niche.

Innovative ideas and features

Our exhibition stand design features are custom-designed and entail a range of design innovations that are unique to our Prestige Events System.

These include features such as Photo-Floors, backlit illuminated branding, fret-cut showcases, engraved edge-lit acrylics and rotating branding signage.

This means the designs you receive from us are unique, containing design features and innovations that you won’t find anywhere else, giving your company the competitive edge for visitor attention.

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