Fabulous fruit infiltrates our Quadrant2Design offices, fostering our fitness and fun!

We like to think we’re a healthy bunch here at Quadrant2Design, providing a comfy home from home. Not only do we encourage staff to bring in their pets (thankfully we have no tiger owners!) We also provide full kitchen facilities, cuddly toy dogs, and of course we have our own office dogs Ragzi and Benny who entertain all the staff every day.

And because we spend more time at work than home, we now also provide a wide selection of exotic fruit to keep our lovely staff healthy and fit (we’ve positioned the fruit bowl a long walk from the desks!)

We hope this not only keeps our team fit, but hope it boosts our team’s morale. And great staff morale means better staff satisfaction during their time in the office, which means better productivity and creativity for our equally lovely clients!

So next time you visit us, be sure to grab yourself a pair of plums along with your coffee!