With live events in full swing, demand has been high for exhibition stands. So much so that we had to supply and build 12 on November 3rd at different shows across the country, then 2 more on the 4th and 5th of November! From large stands to small, we have certainly been busy.

Stands built on November 3rd

1. Perkbox at CIPD Annual Conference Exhibition 2021

Perkbox is a global employee benefits and rewards platform with over 5000 clients. They commissioned a stand for the CIPD conference held in Manchester. The CIPD is the professional body for HR and people development.

Their stand featured integral lit up display units and stands for two TVs on which they ran information about the company. They also had a useful desk and photo floor featuring further information.

2. AVON Group at Advanced Engineering 2021

Avon Group are world leaders in materials engineering and manufacturing. They were exhibiting at Advanced Engineering 2021 at the NEC, Birmingham. This is the UK’s leading annual engineering and manufacturing event for the entire engineering supply chain.

Their stand included two desks, several branded literature racks and a TV running video presentations. They were pleased with the result and had a great show.

3. NORCO Holdings at Advanced Engineering 2021

NORCO provides composite manufacturing & GRP mouldings of small to large-scale structures. Based in Poole UK, they build patterns, moulds & parts. They were also exhibiting at Advanced Engineering 2021 at the NEC.

Their stand featured high level branding to help them stand out, two TVs, a desk and backlit product display cases.

4. EBS Automation at Advanced Engineering 2021

EBS Automation design and manufacture Special Purpose Machinery, Robotics and Automated Production Lines tailored to meet the specification and requirements of their customers. They too were exhibiting at Advanced Engineering 2021 at the NEC.

Their stand featured high level branding to help them stand out, lit up display cases, a TV and a desk.

5. TFC Ltd at Advanced Engineering 2021

The final customer at Advanced Engineering was TFC Ltd. TFC are a leading UK & European supplier of industrial fixings & fasteners, vendor managed inventory and supply chain related solutions.

Their stand included a lot of integral lit-up product display cases and a useful desk.

6. Scientific Laboratory Supplies at Lab Innovations 2021

Scientific Laboratory Supplies are the UK’s largest independent supplier of laboratory equipment and consumables. They exhibited at Lab Innovations 2021, the UK’s only trade exhibition for the entire laboratory industry, held at the NEC, Birmingham.

Their huge stand featured high level branding, several desks and tables and chairs, a TV and several product display cases. They were satisfied with the result and plan to use us again.

7. Haier Biomedical UK at Lab Innovations 2021

Haier Biomedical were also exhibiting at Lab Innovations 2021. They are designers and manufacturers of low temperature storage equipment for biomedical samples.

Their stand featured high level branding to help them stand out, a TV, photo flooring, a table and chairs and literature racks.

8. Keller Group Plc at Highways UK 2021

Keller Group are the leading geotechnical specialist contractor. They are experts in piling, ground improvement, grouting, earth retention and monitoring. They were exhibiting at Highways UK 2021, a major event bringing together those responsible for the planning, designing, building, maintaining, operating and future-proofing of the UK’s road network, held at the NEC, Birmingham.

Their stand included a table and chairs for visitors to relax at, a TV running video presentations and a desk.

9. Highway Care at Highways UK 2021

Another customer at Highways UK 2021 was Highway Care. Highway Care provide products to the highways market to make roads safe for motorists and working environments safe for road crews.

Their stand featured high level branding, a TV, and table and chairs. There were also several sofas which proved popular with weary visitors.

10. Merlo UK at SALTEX 2021

Merlo is an innovative and versatile industrial company that designs, develops and produces agricultural machinery. They were exhibiting at Saltex 2021, the leading turf management event for grounds-care volunteers, professionals and manufacturers, held at the NEC, Birmingham.

We have built several stands for Merlo over the years and this one featured a wall of TVs, high level branding and space to show off their machinery.

11. Spaldings at SALTEX 2021

Also at Saltex 2021 were Spaldings. Spaldings are one of the UK and Ireland’s leading Agriculture, Groundcare, Industrial and Forestry specialists.

Their large stand featured plenty of space to show off their equipment, tables and chairs, a TV, a desk and literature racks. They were pleased with the result and had a great show.

12. Kilwaughter Minerals at Architecture & Building Expo 2021

The Kilwaughter Group focuses on specific industries including construction, industry & agriculture and landscaping. They were exhibiting at the Architecture & Building Expo 2021, the established place to meet the Ireland’s top architects, architectural technologists and other professionals, held in Dublin.

Their stand featured high level branding, lit-up product display cases and a desk.  It also had a TV and an iPad holder. We have built several stands for the Kilwaughter Group and they are always pleased with the result.

On November 4th

13. Megger at Elexshow 2021

Megger are manufacturers of electrical testing equipment. They were exhibiting at Elexshow, the UK’s dedicated trade show for electrical contractors, held at Sandown Park, Surrey.

Their stand featured high level branding, integrated display cases and units for displaying products.

On November 5th

14. Killwaughter Minerals at Home Building & Innovation Show 2021

Two days after their Dublin show, Kilwaughter Minerals were once again exhibiting, this time at the Home Building and Innovation Show, held at the Harrogate Convention Centre.

Since the space is not too much of a difference, they can re-use the stand in Dublin again.

However, to ensure the quality and safety of the stand, it was brought back to our office in Poole. We did another round of prebuild to make sure everything was as it should be. Then, the stand was transported to Harrogate and installed for the exhibition.

This is the level of customer service that we provide to ensure the highest quality of stand to our customers. Moreover, who wouldn’t love such a save on their budget by reusing the stand for multiple shows?

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