Alison Tully, Fire Chief Global’s Events Manager, was the latest of our lovely clients to visit our pre-build facility!

By attending pre-build, Alison was able to view Fire Chief’s bespoke, custom-modular stand ahead of The Fire Safety event at the NEC Birmingham (30th of April until 2nd of May). 

Who are Fire Chief Global? 

Fire Chief Global is the UK’s largest and fastest-growing fire safety supplier. The company supplies a wide range of equipment to homes, shops, schools and commercial properties worldwide, with the aim of making the world a safer place. Available products include Fire Extinguishers, Fire Blankets, Specialist Fire Fighting Equipment and Lithium-Ion Battery Safety Range. 

Fire Chief Global will be showcasing its Lithium-ion battery fire safety range at the Fire and Safety Event. Lithium-ion batteries are becoming increasingly common as they are found in phones, e-cigarettes and laptops. These batteries are fine in normal use but pose a fire risk when wet or damaged. Alison Says:

“We are working very hard to educate people on what they need to do to keep batteries safe and also we have a range of products to help” 

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Quadrant2Design’s Exhibition Stand Pre-Build Guarantee

The Importance of Pre-Build

Quadrant2Design pre-builds every single one of our stands, before every show, and clients are always invited to attend.

Attending the pre-build allows clients to see their stand ahead of event day, and to trial the individual features. Some even test product placement!

Alison shared her thoughts on our pre-build system:

“Up until now, we have always used shell schemes and once I have done the artwork I have to wait until I get to the exhibition hall to see what it looks like, which can be a little nerve-wracking.

It’s great to come here today to actually see [the stand] and know what it’s going to look like on-site next week! It’s fantastic, we’re really pleased with it. We were excited when we saw the designs anyway but now to see it here in the flesh with all the lights on and everything else is really great. It has got the impact that we wanted.” 

“It has been fantastic to come down, I think all your clients should do it” 

Though we love for our clients to visit their stands, there are occasions where they cannot attend. In these circumstances, our experienced Project Managers send a virtual pre-build tour. This includes photos and videos of the stand and details on how each feature works.

Switching to Custom-Modular, Sustainable Exhibition Stands 

For many companies like Fire Chief, sustainability is a key factor in choosing an exhibition stand. At Quadrant2Design, we use our Prestige Events System to create exhibition stands that are modular, reconfigurable and reusable. As our stands are all reusable, they are also inherently sustainable!

Fire Chief are on a journey to net zero, so a reusable stand was a very important sustainability decision. 

“That was one of the reasons that we wanted to go with Quadrant2Design, because up until now we have been shell schemes with nice graphics overlayed. But that A: is expensive, and B: is wasteful. We are concentrating on our journey to net zero so this is a very important part of that. The sustainability, the fact we can reuse the panels and we’re not chucking everything away all the time is important to us”

Fire Chief Global have pre-planned 8 configurations of their stand; varying in size for the shows they plan to attend! They plan to use the largest configuration at Firex in December at ExCel London.

When our designers plan the placement of graphics and panels, they do so with efficient reconfigurability in mind. This means stands can be rearranged or changed with few to no extra graphic panels. When clients require stands that vary greatly in size, we design the largest configuration first, and then work through the panel placement for smaller stands. That way, the investment is made on the first stand, and from that point on, all graphic panels are ready for smaller or alternative configurations. With Lifetime Free Design, the stand can then be reconfigured at no extra cost.

More info on The Fire Safety Event

We’d like to thank Alison Tully for joining us at our Poole Headquarters and we wish Fire Chief luck for their exhibition at The Fire Safety Event!

For more details on Quadrant2Design’s pre-build guarantee, the sustainability of our exhibition stands or for a free, no-obligation design proposal, contact our team today on 01202 723 500 or email