At a trade show you will find yourself surrounded by other businesses, possibly in the same field as you, all competing for the attention of visitors.  Some will have invested many thousands of pounds in their stand construction to really try and attract attention.  But even if your budget is more modest than the enormous central stands and you don’t have the same volume of floorspace, there are still exhibition stand features you can have which will help you attract attention.  Here we cover some features to add to make the most of the space you have.

Additional Exhibition Stand Features

1. Photo-floor

To really make the most of your space you can extend the branding on your stand to the flooring.  Why settle for carpet tiles when you can have an exhibition stand feature that really adds to the appearance of your stand and makes a statement.  You can make it an immersive experience for visitors giving you a fun and unique look.  What’s more, if you hire or buy your stand from us, we will include a photo-floor for free.

Some ideas that our customers have had to really bring out their photo-floor are:

  • A 3D optical illusion
  • A snakes and ladders boardgame
  • A murder mystery floor
  • An image of a coy carp fishing lake
  • Hopscotch

2. High-level branding

One of the best exhibition stand features to help you stand out from your competitors is to tower above them.  Many stands will only be 2.5 metres tall, but you have the option of going up to 3.3m or 3.9m with high-level branding.  This can either be just on one section, or across the whole stand.  It will help your stand to be visible across the exhibition hall and enable you to rise above your neighbours.  Our custom modular stands make it simple to add an additional section to increase visibility.

3. Branded counters

The counter will generally be the part of your stand that is closest to visitors, so instead of having a plain counter, why not tie it into the branding on your stand?  Additional branding will all help visitors to remember you.  It will also compliment the look of your stand.  Use it to make a statement and draw people in.  You could have a board game design on the counter-top, or feature a QR code which enables visitors to access more information about your company.  Clever use of lighting, maybe colour-changing downlights, will really draw the eye.  Or use it to display your products.

4. Showcases

If you want to display products on your stand one of the best ways to do it is within an integrated showcase as an exhibition stand feature in your stand structure.  These can be lit up to really draw attention to your products.  Putting your products in a branded environment will really add to the overall look of your stand.  Some features of our showcases include:

  • Under-lit showcase base – this will light your products from beneath, it looks especially good with metal or glass products.
  • Shaped apertures to fit in with the look and feel of your stand and products.
  • Lockable clear doors to protect your products.
  • Either white or coloured integrated down-lights.
  • Bespoke product mounting boards for smaller items.
  • Unique 3D effects.
  • Sloped or flat walls and shelves.

5. Rotating header

Another exhibition stands feature to attract attention is to create movement on your stand.  A rotating header is a branded sign that sits on top of your stand and rotates in circles.   This will catch the eye of passers-by and will also take your stand higher than the average stand, helping to get you noticed.  You can also back-light your logo on the header to really stand out.

6. Additional lighting features

Don’t rely on the standard strip lighting of the exhibition hall if you really want to stand out.  Clever use of LED spotlights can highlight specific areas of your stand to draw attention to them.  You can also have additional lighting features to make a statement, like backlit logos or icons, counter downlighting and lit up plinths.  For a real wow factor have colour-changing, edge lit acrylics of your logo or strapline.

Exhibition Stand Lighting – A Complete Guide

White and blue exhibition stand

Medium white and blue 2 open sides exhibition stand for Infogrid. Photo-floor, lighting, tv screen, and counters among the features.

7. Full-colour graphics

On many modular systems, the graphic panels will be broken up by frames or struts, creating a disjointed look. Our Prestige Events System allows you to have seamless graphics covering every part of your stand.  This includes the walls flooring, showcases, plinths and counters.  We are the only exhibition stand contractor to include this level of customisation on a modular stand.  So large graphics will look stunning.  The end result is a fully-branded, immersive experience for the visitor.

8. 3D structure

Many modular stands will just include back walls, maybe with a counter at the front.  But to really stand out you need your stand to look interesting.  This means using a variety of shapes and structures.  Our custom modular stands offer the ability to have straight and curved walls, of various heights, archways and walkthroughs, as well as overhead canopies. This allows you to create much more interesting spaces within your stand and have separate areas.  Maybe you want an area where people can relax for a moment while they talk to you which is separate from the main front desk area.


There are a variety of additional exhibition stand features that you can include to attract visitors’ attention and really make a success of your exhibition.  It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the biggest floor area, you can still create something eye-catching with modest space.  Hopefully, this article has given you some inspiration.

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