Exhibition Stands: the War on Cost (Part 2)

We were made aware by an enraged exhibitor that the Show Organisers were demanding a ‘sponsorship fee’ for the empty air-space above his stand if he wanted to rig an overhead banner.

This is the first that we have heard of such a cost, and in our opinion is the latest example of an on-going hysteria among UK-based exhibition organisers, which is putting UK-based exhibiting at a distinct competitive disadvantage against its European counterparts.

In this particular case, we solved the clients desire for a prominent ‘high-level’ branding feature by building taller graphic towers into his design, giving the same high prominence to his branding but without having to pay the the Organisers ‘air-space’ fee.

Remember, the Prestige Events System has been designed with the specific intent to integrate raised-level branding on exhibition stands. This will completely eradicate your need to pay for “air-space” charges.

While most other modular exhibition solutions struggle to build walls taller than 2.4 metres, we regularly build stunning ‘full-graphic’ walling to 3.9 metres and taller, giving your stand visual prominence and ensuring you’ll stand out against your competitors.