Exhibition Stands: Converting your Visitors into Customers


Having a good location for your stand can have a big affect on how many leads or customer interaction you get throughout the show. You could have the most attractive stand at the show, but if you’re in a ‘dead’ area around the edges chances are not many people will walk past you.
Plan early to book the best spaces in the Exhibition Hall. The main central aisles are the best spots, but if you miss out on these make sure you keep in touch with the organisers to see if there are any last minute vacancies.

Good Stand Design

Despite the fact you’re going to be doing a lot of talking and face-to-face interactions, people are going to remember you based on your stand’s appearance. So it makes sense to ensure your stand looks the best it can. Try thinking about it from your customer’s point of view – what would make you approach an Exhibition Stand? A quirky design? Bright colours? Good giveaways?

Remember – size doesn’t matter

Some of the best Exhibition Stands we’ve designed have been for those with a small space. Don’t get carried away with the idea that size is better than focus. Having a professional stand design with a clear aim will make a big difference to your stand, no matter the size.

Choose memorable giveaways

Don’t get caught in the trap of spending money on promo gifts that have nothing to do with your company. Think outside the box to think of memorable branded giveaways that people will seek out from across the Exhibition Hall to have on their desk at work.

Have the right team

Make sure all of staff are enthusiastic, knowledgeable and above all approachable. Your potential customer will enjoy the experience more and be a lot more likely to deal with you again in the future if they felt welcomed and appreciated. Consider having a brief meeting on the morning of the Exhibition to ensure everyone knows what they’re going to say.

Promote your stand

With social media so readily available, promoting your stand at an Exhibition has never been easier. People will be more likely to come find you if they’ve seen you promote your company. Fore more information on how to use Twitter to promote your stand, click here.

Log every lead

Talking to everyone who approaches you is all well and good, but if you don’t record their contact details then a lot of your hard work could be lost. Make sure you get their email address and company name so you can send them a follow up email after the show. Consider having iPads mounted to your stand where customers can add their details to the database themselves. For more information on using iPads at Exhibitions, click here.

Planning ahead is essential for anyone exhibiting at a Trade Show. After all, it’s cost you the money to get there, so why not invest in the time to make it worth your while?

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