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Exhibition stand design and build services in Kensington, Olympia and the Greater London area.

Hello, pleased to meet you!

We’re Quadrant2Design, and we design and build exhibition stands using our exclusive modular, reusable solution (more about that later).

We’ve been around for over 20-years now, and we’ve designed and built thousands of exhibition stands at London venues, as well as across the UK and Worldwide.

We are a one-stop-shop, with all key services in-house, including 3D and graphic design, stand manufacture, graphic printing, event management and worldwide installations.

And (great news for you) our business model is geared to making sure you squeeze every last penny of value out of your exhibiting budget.

So we help you reconfigure and reuse your exhibition stands, at different future shows and events. It’s a big part of ‘what we do’, and because we’re very good at it, our client’s return again and again.

So how much? A difficult question. The investment in an exhibition stand is dependent on the quality of design and build, as well as size and complexity.

If it helps, we have created some stunning exhibition stands for as little as £5000, but with the majority of new projects coming in somewhere between £7500 to £15,000.

Looks aren’t everything…

But they do help!

As I mentioned earlier, we design and build in our own exclusive solution, called the Prestige Events System.

Forgive the pun, but our clients’ exhibits ‘stand out a mile’ in the exhibition hall, with sweeping panoramic graphics, beautifully printed flooring and with seamless product showcasing and digital presentation.

And unlike other solutions, with our stands, you’ll see no ugly structure. Only your branding, your images, your products, and your message. We call this the 100% Graphic Look and it’s quite something to see!

Please take a look around our website – there is so much more to learn about our exhibition stands and how they can make you look great while saving you money.

If you’re planning an exhibition stand project, you’re probably casting around for some fresh, new, inspiring ideas.

If so, give us a call. We can help with some free design visuals, personalised with your branding, colours and images. It won’t cost you a penny and will show you exactly how beautiful and effective your show presence can be.

Free Design Visuals

Fresh, new, alternative design ideas for your next exhibition stand at Islington BDC, with your branding, images and colours. Free of charge and without obligation


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Modular Stands

Your Prestige exhibition stand is a custom-design creation that is also modular and reusable in different stand space at future exhibitions

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Reusable Stands

Achieve maximum return-on-investment with our reusable exhibition stands

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Sustainable Stands

Enhance your environmental credentials with our sustainable exhibition stands

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Exhibition Stands

So many options and so many choices – our guide to different types of stands

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Custom Stands

Custom-built exhibition stands that are also modular and reusable

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Portable Stands

Exhibition stands that will fit in the back of your car!

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