Exhibition Stand Ideas

Thinking about some great new thoughts and ideas for your exhibiting? Let’s see if we can help with some of our latest and greatest exhibition stand ideas and design innovations!

12 Great Exhibition Stand Ideas to Refresh your Displays

The Prestige Event System is a Swiss designed exhibition stand solution that is exclusive to Quadrant2Design. The system creates custom-designed exhibition stands that benefits from being modular, reusable and sustainable, saving exhibitors money and enhancing their environmental credentials.

Quadrant2Design have invested 20-years of research and development, generating dozens of enhancements and new exhibition stand ideas that have benefited the exhibitors who have invested in the Prestige System. We have highlighted below 12 of our latest enhancements and new exhibition stand ideas.

Exhibition Stand Ideas
Photo-Floors are a new exhibition stand idea from Quadrant2Design.

Exhibition Stand Idea 1 – Photo-Flooring™

One of the greatest design features of our exhibition stands are the seamless, flowing panoramic walling.

We had the idea a few years ago that we could extend these panoramic graphics onto the otherwise wasted floor space.

We thought this was a really great exhibition stand idea, as many exhibitors get stuck with the boring grey carpet supplied by the show organisers.

Not only does our Photo-Flooring create great impact, it really sets our client’s exhibition stands apart from the competition.

Nowadays every stand we design incorporates this idea, with the result that nearly all of our exhibition stands feature this new design idea.

Exhibition Stand Innovation 2 – 3D-Effect Product Showcase

If you want to draw attention to your products and display them in a creative way, we have some great ideas for you.

Our designers love to get creative with the different shapes and graphic ideas they can incorporate into our clients exhibition stands.

The idea is to create stunning 3D themed environments to present your product within. The results can be enticing, shocking and entertaining, but always eye-catching!

Here Hannah, showcases a stunning themed showcases for a manufacturer of unique novelty Dinosaur models.


Exhibition Stand Ideas 1
Hannah shows off new 3D Showcase exhibition stand idea.
Exhibition Stand Ideas 2
A great new idea - Oval Showcases with Edgelit Engraved Branding.

Exhibition Stand Idea 3 – Oval Showcase with Edgelit-engraved Branding Feature

Diamonds (and Jewellery) are a girls best friend – but notoriously difficult to display on an exhibition stand!

Here we have created two amazing showcase ideas for diamonds and jewellery, but which could be adapted for other high value, luxury consumer items.

These showcases have gloss-printed sides and back to provide a sparkly ambience.

One showcase features an edgelit engraved acrylic sign at the front of the showcase, through which the product can be viewed, whereas the other idea has the branded sign at the rear.

Either version can be used to create a sophisticated and stunning product display.

Exhibition Stand Idea 4 – Illuminated Canopy Innovation

We use these canopy features to link structures on our exhibition stands.

For a while these were quite standard features – pleasing and functional, but not exactly revolutionary!

Then some bright spark in our R&D department came up with the idea of installing LED lighting and creating cut-out branded lighting features.

Little ideas and innovations like this, all help to create an intriguing, themed environment for your products or services.

You can see the idea in work here for our client Animal Friends.


Hannah pointing up to illuminated canopy idea
Hannah pointing to illuminated canopy idea.
Stand Design Features 8
End wall showcase innovation.

Exhibition Stand Idea 5 – End of Wall Showcase

By featuring your products or items in unexpected areas of your exhibition stand you help to create dynamic environments that keep your show-visitors interested.

These ‘end of wall’ showcases are a great idea for showcasing smaller product displays  that you want to accentuate, or literature displays and Ipad/tablet displays.

An added bonus is that these showcases are generally situated at the perimiter of your exhibition stand, catching visitors who might otherwise walk by.

As with all of our showcases, we can innovate with printed sides and back, shaped apertures and edgelit engraved signage.

Exhibition Stand Idea 6 – Edgelit engraved signage with product integrated into the display

This exhibition stand idea is very popular with clients who have technical items or products to display on their exhibition stands

Let’s be honest, some of these products are not visually the most exciting items to behold!

They are of course important displays to the exhibitor! We have had a great deal of success displaying items of this nature, integrated into our edgelit engraved acrylic signage.


Exhibition Stand Ideas 3
Engraved exhibition signage with mounted product.
Exhibition Stand Ideas 4
Hannah demonstrating new exhibition counter idea.

Exhibition Stand Idea 7 – Gloss Branded Exhibition Counters, with LED lighting

Nearly every modular stand we design, features beautifully branded exhibition stand counters.

We’ve now added two extra design ideas to our counters.

Firstly, they are now available in a stunning gloss finish, that really brings your branding and graphics to life.

Secondly, we’ve added to design option of LED lighting under the rim of the counter-top, to add a gently down-lit suffused lighting feature.

Exhibition Stand Innovation 8 – High-Level Revolving Branding Feature

We know that movement on an exhibition stand attracts visitor attention, like no other feature.

And that branding features at a height of 3 metres and above is optimum for sight-lines across a busy exhibition hall.

We’ve combined the two with our revolving branding feature; a 4-sided branded feature driven by a small motor, mounted at high level on your exhibition stand.

Sure to get noticed and sure to attract visitors to your stand.

Exhibition Stand Ideas 5
High-level revolving branding idea.
Hannah Nguyen inspects floor design
Extending the graphics into the floor space.

Exhibition Stand Idea 9 – Extending your graphics into the floor space

Your competitors will likely do the standard thing use the cheap, threadbare carpet, supplied by the show organisers suppliers. Oh so predictable and err… boring!

Here is a much better idea for your exhibition stand.

We can design, print and fit a graphic floor that extends your wall graphics into the, otherwise wasted, floor space of your stand.

The results of this innovation are visually amazing and sure to make your stand leap-out at the show visitor.

Exhibition Stand Idea 10 – Focussed graphic themed showcasing

Your probably aware by now, that we channel a lot of creating thinking into showcasing our clients products.

Paradoxically, we have found that sometimes with a luxury or other high-value product, narrowing or restricting the aperture into a showcase, focusses the visitors attention onto the product, in a way that a larger display does not.

The graphic design idea can be used to accentuate this effect as Hannah demonstrates on this stand.

Exhibition Stand Ideas 6
New idea for exhibition stand product display.
Exhibition Stand Ideas 7
Printed counter-top idea.

Exhibition Stand Idea 11 – Graphic Worktops on Counters

We believe that no surface of your modular exhibition stand should be left un-branded.

Counters can have graphic design applied, featuring your graphic theme, images or branding.

The idea is to create coherent, seamless branding across your entire exhibition stand.

Exhibition Stand Idea 12 – Logo and Branded on your Exhibition Floor

Another great exhibition stand idea…

The floor space of your exhibition stand can and should be used by your exhibition designer to create added-value from this otherwise redundant space.

As you can see here, the floor space of your exhibition stand can be used as one big branding space, ideal for displaying your logo or other brand elements.

Ye-Kwan looking at some new exhibition stand ideas
Branded exhibition stand flooring idea.

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