Exhibition Stands: the War on Cost

The cost of stand electrics is a good example; are charges of £120.00 per socket justified? Recently there has been a minor change in BSA guidelines, leading to increased electrical inspection costs which were immediately passed onto exhibitors. It seems that UK exhibitors are at breaking point with the high cost of stand electrics.With this it mind, it’s no wonder that so many UK companies are looking to exhibit overseas where electric costs are much more reasonable.

Another big concern is the ever-diminishing time allowed for build-up and break-downs of exhibition stands, imposed by Show Organisers in the UK. Even extremely large Trade Shows where many of the exhibition stands are large typically only allow 1-2 days for build-up, and a mere few hours to break down. What’s worse is that Venues often only allow access between 8am and 6pm, whereas European venues offer 24 hour access, making for a less rushed, and therefore far safer, approach to building.

So why do these short build-up times affect the price of exhibition stands for exhibitors? Simply put, for a short build-time, more labour needs to be employed to ensure everything is assembled on time. So while the Organiser and Venues make arrangements to suit their needs, they less than suit those of the Exhibitor.

We’re yet to find out why these decisions have been made, but we can help you fight these costs and make the most of your exhibiting budget.

Five measures that will help:

Consider Self-Building’ your exhibition stands, getting rid of the cost of hiring a contractor to install for you. Our Prestige Events System is lightweight, easy to build and we offer comprehensive training and support so you feel ready to build on your own.
If you decide you want a professional installation and project management, our ‘Free-Hire’ plan allows you the ‘loan’ of the stand hardware for free, as long as we produce your graphics and install your stand. Costs can be reduced by 20% to 30% compared to competitors’ stands.
Reduce the cost of electrics; use as few sockets as possible and avoid on-stand appliances which draw a lot of power, such as kettles and coffee machines. As we draw up your electrics plan, we’ll work together to minimise your electrics cost and keep your money in your pocket – not in the hands of the on-site electrical contractors.
Avoid raised floors if possible – they are generally not necessary and add considerable cost. Talk with us about stand layout; in most cases we can route electrical or IT connections via connecting gantries to help keep your stand tidy and wires out of sight.
Keep labour costs to a minimum by using an easy-to-build modular System, like the Prestige Events System. Prestige is very quick to build and whether you self-build or use us to install, your labour costs will be reduced.
At Quadrant2Design we like to keep costs as low as we can, and do everything we can to face some of the charges that face exhibitors by Show Organisers.

Stay tuned for more articles in future about ‘Exhibition Stands: the War on Cost’.

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