Exhibition Stands Designed for The Business Design Centre in Islington

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Exhibition stands design and build services at The Business Design Centre, Islington and the Greater London area.

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At Quadrant2Design, we create modular and reusable exhibition stands in our exclusive and beautiful, Prestige Events System.

We have over twenty years of experience, working at the Business Design Centre in Islington. The BDC is an exciting venue for exhibitions and events; a Grade II listed building, built in 1862, as a home for the agricultural shows of that period.

Since those days, London has grown up around the BDC, and it’s now part of the fashionable Islington Village part of London.

Our exhibition services at the BDC are comprehensive, and our in-house services include cad design, graphic design, stand manufacture, project management and installations.

The most famous ‘takeaway-fact’ about our exhibition stands and service, is that they are designed to be reusable in different stand space, at all your future shows.

Our business model is centred on this; creating maximum value and reusability, stretching your budget most efficiently, helping you achieve that elusive return-on-investment.

We’re very successful with this, which is why most of our clients return to us for repeat exhibition stands year-on-year. To fully appreciate this, please see the reviews pages on our website (763 reviews and counting!).

How much budget do you need to invest in your exhibition stand? Most of our new projects at the Business Design Centre come in between £7500 to £15,000, although we have created some brilliant-looking stands for as little as £5000.

When thinking of budget, please remember the price of an exhibition stand is dependent upon the quality, size and complexity of the exhibition stand, plus of course the professionalism of your stand builder.

With us, your stand will look great!

We design and build your stand in our Prestige Events System, the worlds premier custom-modular exhibiting system.

Prestige stands are engineered with a unique snap-up frame technology that conveys some essential benefits, including sustainability, reusability and ease of use.

With us, your exhibition stand will attract massive attention within the exhibition hall, with high-level branding, panoramic graphics and integrated product showcasing and digital presentation.

And most of our stands benefit from beautiful, full-colour, printed flooring that sets your stand apart from your competitors (with their boring carpet!).

Most importantly, your investment in a Prestige exhibition stand represents fantastic long-term value. Our stands are custom-designed, but also modular and reusable in different stand space at different (future) shows.

Prestige stands are available on a hire or purchase basis, with the options of professional-build or self-build formats, with most projects being on our unique Free2hire™ Plan.

The next step… if you have a project coming up in Islington, other London venues or anywhere in the UK, and you want some fresh, new ideas for your stand, please give us a call.

We present our design ideas as fully-personalised colour visuals, complete with your branding, images and themes.

These visuals won’t cost you a penny but will provide a great illustration of how your stand will look, designed and built in the Prestige Events System.

Free Design Visuals

Fresh, new, alternative design ideas for your next exhibition stand at The Business Design Centre, with your branding, images and colours. Free of charge and without obligation


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