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Exhibits that drive value and engagement

We supply exhibition stands that look and feel a million dollars. Beautiful exhibition stands created in our unique trade-show solution, that also happens to be modular and reusable, saving you money over your show calendar.

You can buy or hire your exhibits and displays, in self-build format, or with expert project management and build.

Call us on 01202 723 500 or email for free design ideas and colourful visuals.

Vape Club exhibition stand with wood-effect graphics
Astley Clarke booth used at UK show.
Hannah posing next to clients white display booth at the NEC, Birmingham.

We cover all the bases

We’re providers of trade-show exhibits that are custom-designed, yet modular and reusable, saving you lot’s of money over your events programme.

Your exhibition stand comes with other essential benefits: portable for lower transport costs, quick and easy to self-build, and because it’s reusable, will enhance your environmental credentials. Your exhibition stand can be installed by us, anywhere in the world.

 Email or call  0800 019 21 41 for free design visuals and fresh new ideas, together with a cost-effective quotation.

Types of Exhibition Stand

Sustainable exhibition stand for Iswari with Hannah Nguyen
Small portable exhibition stand for Olympus
Modular display in blue graphics for Ibstock brick.

SUSTAINABLE EXHIBITING: Not only will your exhibits look great, but they will also enhance your environmental reputation. Prestige displays are clean-process to build, use smaller transport to get to the site, and because they are reusable, can be efficiently reused any number of times. Sustainable Exhibiting

PORTABLE EXHIBITION STANDS: Many trade show stands are difficult to distribute and store. Even larger stands created in the Prestige Events System can be transported in an estate car or small van. This reinforces the ease-of-use and sustainability benefits of your exhibition stand. Portable Displays

MODULAR EXHIBITION STANDS: Our exhibition solution – the Prestige Events System – is the only modular solution capable of forming professional, custom-designed exhibits, that are reconfigurable and reusable in different stand space, making it the No. 1 reconfigurable solution. Modular Exhibition Stands

Exhibition stand at Medica 2018 with extensive showcases.
Roomex display stand with green graphics. Jess and Hannah modelling.
Reel services self build exhibition stand.

BESPOKE EXHIBITION STANDS: Your stands are bespoke, one-off designs, that are also modular and reusable in different stand space, at different venues and events. So you have the combination of an original look coupled with amazing value. Custom Designed Trade Show Booths

HIRE STANDS: You can use one of our two hire plans: Free2hire™ offers low-cost hire with professional management and build, or Hire2self-build™ that allows you the cost-savings of self-building your exhibiting booth. Hire Exhibition Stands

BUY STANDS: For some trade show exhibitors, buying and self-building their exhibition stand makes the best sense. We support our self-builders with unlimited telephone and email support, plus extensive on-line training videos. Self-Build Expo’s

Buy or Hire your Exhibition Stand?

You can acquire your exhibition stand on a hire or purchase basis.

And you can choose to self-build or take advantage of our professional installation and project management.

As well as supplying larger booths, our solution is also great for small exhibition stands, shell-scheme exhibits and all types of exhibition display stands.

Call  0800 019 21 41 or email for free design visuals and ideas, together with a cost-effective quotation.



For some of you, buying your display stand and managing it yourself, makes enormous common-sense. Ownership of your display allows you the freedom to self build, whenever and wherever you want.


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Nobody does rental exhibition stands quite like us! Our hire plan provides the hardware on a free-loan basis, allowing you to concentrate your budget on what matters – your design, your graphics, and your message.


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Combines the freedom to self-build with the flexibility of hiring your trade show exhibit. And with no money tied up in stand hardware, plus free storage this rental plan is exceptionally cost-efficient.


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Who are we? | What do we do?

Quadrant2Design are a UK based design & build exhibition contractor. We formed 20-years ago, and we’re now Britains most successful trade-show supplier.

We supply direct to our SME and Corporate client-base, not through any agency or third-party.

We design, manufacture and install exhibition stands within the UK, Germany, Holland, France, and other Western European countries.


We supply:

  • Exhibition stands for large space
  • Beautiful exhibits for shell-scheme booths
  • Custom-modular trade-show exhibits
  • Portable display solutions
  • Reusable and sustainable solutions
  • Modular exhibition stand provision
  • Sustainable exhibiting model


Providers of:

  • Graphics and CAD design
  • Manufacturing
  • Stand pre-build
  • Bespoke exhibition signage
  • Project management
  • Worldwide installation services

Our Exhibiting Solution

We’re exhibition stand suppliers (or supply for self-build) of exhibits made in our own exclusive modular solution called The Prestige Events System.

This system has some amazing design features and benefits that can’t be found elsewhere, allowing us to supply the exhibitor with exhibition stands that address modern-day concerns: sustainability, reusability and long-term value.

Our Mission | Reusable, Sustainable Displays

You’ll be pleased to know that our raison d’etre is to empower you with beautiful exhibition stand displays that are modular and reusable over an entire events calendar.

This lowers your costs and improves brand recognition over different shows, particularly if your plans are for larger and more ambitious exhibiting.

One Stand Provides Many Functions

We design and create stands for all types of expo space, from small shell-scheme booths up to large space-only sites.

Our displays can also ‘multi-task’ and are ideal for brand activation events, retail setups and experiential marketing and promotion.

Prestige Events System


  • Perfect for bigger ‘space-only’ exhibition stands
  • Modular – can be reconfigured for different stand space
  • Scalable – adapts to big or small space
  • Reusable – provides long term value over an exhibiting programme
  • Lightweight for transport
  • Safe to build without tools
  • Sustainable – meets all environmental concerns

Exhibition Suppliers for All Events


  • Trade show exhibits
  • Shell-scheme or space-only
  • Experiential displays
  • Retail display
  • Mobile exhibiting
  • Conference sets
  • Break-out room displays
  • Corporate event displays
  • Brand activation displays

Buying Exhibition Stands – Tips & Advice

For most exhibitors, trade shows are only part of their marketing activities.

And when buying any complex and highly specified product and service, it’s easy to end up going down the wrong route.

We attempt here to assist in dispelling some of the more common misunderstandings about exhibiting.

1. Exhibition Stand or Display?
Be careful what you’re buying. Display systems, banner displays or truss systems are not really exhibition stands in the true sense. You may be wasting your money on a cheap, limited solution that won’t show your company in its best light.

2. Modular or Custom?
Custom trade-show booths are great if you have an unlimited budget and don’t mind having to re-invent the wheel every time you exhibit. Modular allows exhibitors to reconfigure and reuse across a series of events. However, many modular solutions are cheap-looking and are not up to standard.

3. What are Custom-Modular stands?
A term that has become popular in recent years; mean an exhibition stand system that can create a custom-designed look, yet is modular and reusable in different stand space, like our Prestige Events System.

4. Are self build exhibits a good idea?
Only if you have people with the skill and inclinations to take on the logistics and installation. Self-managing your stands can save you money while giving you the freedom to exhibit more frequently.

5. Shell-scheme space or space-only?
Shell-scheme is more expensive per square metre, but you get basic walls, lighting and carpet included. Most shell-scheme is a smaller space, generally up to about 24 sq.metres. ‘Space-only’ sites are as the title suggests; a chalked out area within the exhibition hall, within which you build your exhibition stands.

6. How much are exhibition stands?
The price depends on quality, size of the stand, complexity of the design, location of the venue and the credentials and experience of your design and build contractor. Remember, your own company would not sell its premium products or services ‘cheap as chips’ so why would your trade show designers? Have a look at our price guide for more information.

7. Is hiring my stand a cheap option?
Contractors that offer hire exhibits fall into two camps. Many regard their rental service as the bargain-basement part of their business. The materials these companies will use for your stand will be worn and scratched; their service levels poor and inadequate for a professional result. Other contractors such as Quadrant2Design treat their hire exhibition stands as their Premier Service, with correspondingly high levels of quality and service.


Exhibition Stand Glossary

Some of the terminology surrounding shows and conferences can be confusing. Here we translate some most misunderstood terms and phrases associated with corporate events and the meetings industry.

Shell-scheme: These are the rows of exhibiting booths seen at most shows, usually built from an aluminium modular system called Octanorm. These booths come in an assortment of different sizes and configurations, generally between 6 to 24 square metres in size.

Space-only: In contrast to shell-scheme, space-only is as the name suggests, simply a chalked out area in the exhibition venue. Within this space, exhibitors build or have built, their display or exhibition stand.

Build-Up: This is the time period allowed by the Show Organisers, to build the exhibition stands within the venue.

Break-Down: The period allowed after the show is finished for exhibitors and contractors to dismantle and remove all displays and materials.

Exhibition Rigging: The attaching, be specialist show contractors, of any display or lighting rig from the venues roof structure.

Banner Displays: Wide range of cheap banner type solutions are available, including Roller-Banners, Fabric Banners and Tensioned Banner Systems. Typical price range: £50.00 to £150.00.

Fabric Displays: For small scale displays, Fabric Stands are popular. Extremely lightweight, seamless and portable, available in different widths and styles.

iPad Display Stands: With so many show exhibitors using iPad and Tablet devices on their exhibition stands, a whole wide range of display stands have been created for these displays, costing from £99.00 up to £350.00.

Shell Scheme Graphics: Many exhibition companies will supply large-format graphic panels, to fit into the shell scheme booth, at prices of around £150.00 per graphic.


Trade Show: Term used in the United States to describe what Europeans would call an exhibition or show.

Exhibition Booth: Another US term, for what Europeans call an exhibition stand. Not to be confused with a shell-scheme booth.

Island Site: A term used for a space-only site with 4 open sides, allowing the exhibition stand to be viewed from any angle.

Project Management: In exhibiting terms, this describes the process of managing the design development of a trade-show exhibit, the manufacture of the exhibition stand and graphics, the processing of show and organiser administration and the installation on-site at the venue.

Organiser: In the event industry, this denotes the company or organisation who mounts, or ‘organises’ a show, or a suite of shows.

Pop Up Exhibition Stands: Pop-up displays are the simple curved graphic structures used extensively as a cheap, easily setup small display. These stands suit newcomers to exhibitions who want something that’s portable and quick to build. Typical prices are from £599.00 to £1750.00.

Velcro-Friendly Display Boards: Often available as 6 Panel Displays or 8 Panel Displays, these are fabric (velcro-receptive) panels in set configurations.

Literature Stands: Available as wall-mounted, portable or semi-permanent literature displays, in prices from as low as £45.00 up to around £250.00.

Hire Exhibit Furniture: Exhibition stand furniture hire is usually supplied at shows by the Organiser appointed contractor.


Straight Talking Client Reviews

After every project, our Customer Care Director Wiebke Carvell contacts our client and asks for feedback. How did we do? What can be improved? We then publish these comments unedited so that you can understand the type of exhibition contractor we are. For further insight into our company, take part in our Twitter conversation.

It won’t cost you a penny to what we can do! Phone 0800 019 2141 or get in contact on for a complimentary design proposal and costings.

Free Design Visuals + FREE Photo-Floor™

Fresh, new, alternative design ideas from the UK’s best exhibition stand suppliers, with your branding, images and colours. Free of charge and without obligation


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