Bespoke Exhibition Stands

Are you searching for an engaging and inspirational exhibition stand?

What kind of exhibition stand is right for your exhibiting? Here we examine some of the terminology and options you face, when looking for an exhibition stand solution. Then we take a look at the benefits, characteristics and functionality of exhibition stands created in the Prestige Events System.

What are your options when exhibiting..?

It’s easy to be confused by the terminology used in the exhibition industry. It is often confusing, sometimes deliberately so! Here is an honest description of the various solutions you will encounter when investigating an exhibition stand solution.

Custom-built stands

These are traditionally built exhibition stands manufactured from timber products, steel and acrylic. They are typically glued and screwed together on site. With a good budget and in the hands of a good designer, they offer maximum originality. However, they are shockingly wasteful and environmentally damaging. And they’re almost impossible to reconfigure and reuse in different stand space at future shows.

Modular display stands

Unfortunately, when searching for an exhibition stand solution, you will meet suppliers who misrepresent their solutions. No term is more often misrepresented than the term ‘modular’. Nearly all of the modular exhibiting solutions offered are in-fact, display stands, not exhibition stands. These display stands are fine for small, two-dimensional graphic displays, but are not capable of forming complex, professional-looking, bespoke exhibition stands. Don’t invest in a display, when you really need an exhibition stand.

Popup display stands

We all grew up marketing the humble, yet effective popup exhibition stand! These are the simple curved graphic displays you see at shows and in retail situations. They are great for ‘starter-exhibiting’ or as portable displays… but they are not exhibition stands.


What are Custom-Modular exhibition stands..?

Custom-modular exhibition stand systems are as rare as hens teeth!

These are essentially exhibition stand solutions that are bespoke to the client’s design requirements (hence we call them ‘custom-designed) but which offer all the benefits of modularity, scalability and reusability.

So they are beautifully engineered exhibition systems, that provide a lovely custom-designed look and feel, but which ‘under-the-bonnet’ are modular, scalable and reusable.

Thus combining the benefits of ‘modular’ and ‘custom’ – hence the term ‘custom-modular’ exhibition stands.

Our Prestige Events System is the worlds leading custom-modular exhibiting solution.

Invented by our Swiss colleague and friend, inventor Peter Petersen in the late 1970s, Prestige has a long and distinguished design pedigree.

Since 2003 Quadrant2Design have been a big part of the Prestige story, and we are now the exclusive supplier of this amazing solution.

Since 2003 we have further developed our exhibition stands, emphasising the beautiful look and feel of panoramic graphic display, with integrated product showcasing and digital flat-screen presentations.

Your Prestige stands will give you that classy custom-built look while increasing your return-on-investment through its modular, scalable and reusable characteristics.

Exhibition Stands FAQ

We’ve been supplying exhibition stands for over twenty years and we’ve heard it all. Here are three of the most frequently asked questions…

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