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Why are we so passionate about our exhibition stands?

Visit any show in the UK and Europe and you will soon learn to recognise our exhibition stands.

Prestige exhibits have sweeping panoramic graphics. Graphic walls can can be curved or straight, or a combination of both. Often with stunning inset product showcasing and 4K-quality flat-TV screen digital presentations.

Amazingly, these walls are often extremely tall and imposing (up to 4 metres or 5 metres) guaranteeing that our client’s branding is visible from way across the exhibition hall.

And you won’t find any distracting metal or structure on our stands. You only see our clients graphics, images and branding. This is all you see – stunning photographic-quality, seamless-effect graphics. We call this the ‘100% Graphic Look’.

As you wander around the show, you’ll notice that other stands just don’t have the highly finished look of the Prestige exhibits. Even the so-called custom-built stands often have saggy graphics and unfinished edges.

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Why are our trade show exhibits of superior quality?

The reason why the Prestige stands look so good in comparison, is the solutions Swiss precision engineering, superior build quality, and the fact that we pre-build and quality check every single trade show exhibit we create.

We call this our 100% Pre-Build Promise and we’re certain it’s why we have such high levels of customer satisfaction. If you have the time, take a browse through the hundreds of real client reviews on this website.

Yes our stands look great. They look exclusive and look quite unlike anything else you will see. But this isn’t the whole reason why we ‘live and breathe our exhibition stands.

We love what we do because:

  • Prestige exhibition stands are sustainable and avoid the shocking waste of resources experienced with ‘build and burn’ trade show booths
  • Prestige stands are modular – and therefore – reusable, saving our exhibitors lots of money on their trade-show events
  • Our customers can self build their stands again saving them money and allowing them to exhibit at more events for less cost

Meeting taking place at Quadrant2Design exhibition stand factory

Why consider us for your exhibition design and build?

The founder of Quadrant2Design, Alan Jenkins, worked as a project manager and design manager at numbers of exhibition stands, design and build contractors, before starting the company in 2000.

Alan’s constant frustration was that so many exhibition contractors he worked for, were disorganised and ill-prepared, with clients important trade show booths expected to ‘come together on the day’. Sometimes they did, other times they didn’t.

Alan felt that the contractors he worked for, had little idea about improving organisation, quality or creativity in their businesses – and seemed more intent on cutting corners to maximise the profit in a clients project.

This discontent with the way ‘exhibition design and build was done’ meant that when Alan had the opportunity to start his own exhibition business, he was intent on continuously improving the creativity, quality, organisation and reliability of Quadrant2Design’s service and operations.

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What are the benefits of working with us?

Here are some quick takeaways of what we have learnt and achieved at Quadrant2Design, and why you may want to consider us as your trade show partners.

  • We employ the most talented young exhibition stand  designers we can find. And we train them to design structures and graphics that maximise the potential of our Prestige Events System to stop show-visitors in their tracks.
  • We operate to a strict design, production and installation methodology and quality control process, with every stage signed-off by department managers
  • This process culminates in our 100% Pre-Build, where every component, graphic, light and fitting is tested for appearance, quality and fit. If there is any potential quality issue with your exhibition stand, we root it out and deal with it, days or weeks before the real build at you event.
  • Our Project Managers are rigorously coached and trained to apply a fanatical degree of organisation to your exhibition stand project.
  • We trust no-one else to handle any aspect of your exhibition design & build, which is why we have all key design, production, printing, logistics and installation, in-house, under our control.

Applehouse Travel | Business Travel Show 2019 | Exhibition Stands Review Date: 26/02/2019

“What can I say about the show? Everything went like a dream, there is nothing more to say really – no problems, issues – nothing.
Working with Quadrant is such a joy, from Emma at the initial design and graphics stage, to Lucy and the
build team at the event itself. Amazing thoroughness and attention to detail. Faultless really, which is
why we come back to you year after year, despite approaches from other companies.

I’ve attached an e-mail which I sent to Lucy a short time ago.

Thank you to everyone at Quadrant – you should be proud of yourselves!!

With best regards”

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Flexible ways to buy or rent your stands

This video explains our one-of-a-kind Freedom2Exhibit® plan.

This comprises of ‘mix ‘n’ match’ options that allow you to seamlessly move between buy and renting your exhibition stands. Plus allowing you to choose between self-installation or professional build – whatever best suits your exhibiting circumstances.

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