All of Quadrant2Design’s exhibition stands are portable, reusable and modular.

Our range of portable exhibition stands for 3×3m, 4×3m and 4×4m spaces use the same modular structure and premium graphic panels as our custom-designed Prestige Events System stands. Every portable stand also includes a free Quadrant2Design Printed Photo-Floor.

These stands are created specifically for easy transportation, without compromising on quality, and are available to purchase and self-build or hire with professional build (available at all major UK venues).

* Stand colours and designs are for illustration purposes only. The final stand will include custom graphics specific to your brand.

Custom Portable Exhibition Stands

The Prestige Events System is the world’s premier portable exhibition stand solution and only available from Quadrant2Design!

With our free-hire plan, we’ll create an entirely bespoke and customised exhibition display, complete with free no-obligation 3D renders showing exactly how your stand could look.

Stands are made up of the highest quality graphics, in unique configurations, and can include unique design or lighting features, integrated product displays and even completely custom-manufactured interactive elements.

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Green style graphic design for Nanokeratin

Storage and Logistics

Our portable exhibition stands comprise of folding frameworks, upon which, flexible graphics are magnetically fixed.

This structure has amazing properties: lightweight and compact when packed down, but very strong and durable when set up.

This means that even large trade-show stands, take up minimal storage space between events.

Stand hardware fits into durable purpose-built cases, while graphics can be rolled, and stored in cardboard drums.

Transporting Your Stand

Even a very large Prestige exhibition stand can travel in a typical panel-van.

Medium or small portable displays can be transported in a hatchback or estate car, or small van.

This means you can use smaller, less polluting vehicles, which is better for the environment.

And even better, you will use less fuel, and be unburdened by the paperwork and administration, that comes with using large HGV type transportation.

Chloe introduces the Charity Challenge Video

If you really want to understand the logistical advantages of our exhibition display stands, you need to see this video.

A challenge to our competitors – show a portable exhibition display, with the features of our stand, the size of our display, that travels in an estate car, and we’ll donate £1000 to your choice of charity’.

SPOILER ALERT: See the size of the vehicle this stand comes out of. Amazing.