Quadrant2Design offer the best quality pop up exhibition stands on the market, thanks to the panels being produced in the same high quality materials and printers as our premium custom modular stands.

Offering a range of straight and curved pop up display stands, as well as double sided versions Quadrant2Design has the ideal entry level pop up exhibition display solution for your next event.

About Pop up Displays

What is a Pop up display stand?

Pop up displays offer a entry level, easy to build, display ideal for conferences or small exhibition spaces. Pop ups consist of 4 key components:

  • Pop up frame
  • Magnetic struts
  • spot lights
  • flexible graphic panels

Also referred to as pop up exhibition stands they are available in a number of widths they are generally  between 2m to 3.8m wide at a height of 2.3m.  pop up displays are available in straight or curved shapes, either single or double sided.

Benefits of Pop up Displays

Pop up displays offer a simple way  to construct a professional free standing display without tools  and in a relatively short space of time. packing down into 1 or 2 cases  they are also easy to transport. ideally suited to a conference setting, with limited space and build time.

Drawbacks of Pop up display stands

  • Not designed to fill a specific space
  • Do not meet the minimum height requirement of 2.5 for space only exhibiting
  • no option for integrated product display  or audio visual displays
  • Unlikely to stand out at larger events and exhibition

Where to use a pop up display

  • Small Exhibitions
  • Trade Shows
  • Conferences
  • Networking & Awards Events
  • Brand Activation events
  • Product Launches
  • Shopping Centre installations
  • Reception spaces

Why buy a pop up display from Quadrant2Design?

Quadrant2Design offer  the best quality pop up display on the market, guaranteeing a high quality long lasting  solution.

Every pop up is  designed and produced, in-house,  by Quadrant2design, with the exact same premium graphic panels used on the top-end custom designed modular exhibition stands. Unlike most providers who don’t use a laminate to reduce cost, our panels have a polypropylene over laminate, protecting the printed surface and extending the life of the panels several times over.

Benefits of  premium graphic panels

  • Longer life 10-12 years
  • durability and protection from scuffs and damage
  • No split lines  between panels
  • No panel waving
  • No light show through

Graphic Design and Print Service

Quadrant2design offer a full Graphic Design service, or if you prefer we can  provide you with indesign templates to populate your self.   Our graphic designers are experts in design for large format displays with hundreds of projects under their belts.

If you choose to supply your own graphics, our team of a Technical Artworkers  will check all elements to ensure the best results in the final print for your peace of mind.

We never outsource any of our print…ever.  Quadrant2Design  use the latest Epson wide format printer giving the most vibrant colour and accuracy  on the market. rather than the usual  4 ink colours most printers use, our printers use a huge 10 different inks for optimal quality.

Types of pop up stand

As well as the “classic” pop up display shown here, which use graphic drops  on a lattice frame there are a number of other related products.

Fabric Pop ups , also called Fabric Display Stands work in the same way with a folding frame, but rather than  magnetic struts and flexible graphic panels,  a tension fabric is used with a silicon edge which is fed into a channel round the edge of the  frame. offering a continuous display  with only a single graphic, this is a lighter weight  alternative, although not as durable  as a classic pop up.

Pop up exhibition counters work in the same way as a pop up stand,  with a frame, magnetic struts, and graphics, plus a wooden counter top that slots into place. the only difference is the size of frame and magnetic struts, to facilitate the different dimensions and use.

Pull up banners, while not technically a pop-up display, do serve a similar purpose. Pull up banners  are even lighter weight and easier and quicker to set up, although they are smaller at only 850mm wide. it is possible to link banners together, but the finished look doesn’t match that of a pop up.