Exhibition Stand Prices

Quadrant2Design supplies exhibition stands for budgets of £5000 upwards, dependant upon size of stand, complexity of design and location of venue

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Our Pricing Model

To understand what we can do, you needn’t spend a penny! The first step we take, is to provide you with a free design proposal and quotation.

Your quotation will then offer you three alternatives under our flexible Freedom2Exhibit™ pricing model.

Our most popular option is an amazing offer called Free2hire™ which offers free-hire of exhibition stand structure, professional management and expert installation.

The second most popular option Buy2self-build™ is for clients who enjoy the freedom and longer-term savings of self building their exhibition stands.

Lastly, Hire2self-build™ is ideal where you prefer to hire and build the stand yourself.

What price option is best for me?

Around 80% of our clients chose Free2hire™ for all of their exhibiting, due to the flexibililty and lower initial and ongoing costs.

Due to the nature of their exhibiting, for around 20% of our clients Buy2self-build™ is the ideal option.

Hire2self-build™ is chosen by a few customers where a combination of circumstances make it the best choice.

We help you choose the best pricing option…

Your Design Consultant or Account Manager will look at your exhibiting circumstances and future plans, explain the pro’s and con’s and help you arrive at the best pricing solution for you.

What’s the price for future exhibition stands?

At Quadrant2Design, our entire business-model centres on enabling our customers to leverage the cost-savings of modular exhibiting.

We do this by helping you reuse your exhibition stand at future shows as cost-efficiently as possible.

So for example, we can often store your stand and graphics free of charge between shows and we offer free CAD re-design (reconfiguration) of your stand to fit future (different) exhibition space.

As a guide, most ‘re-installations’ of our customers Free2hire stands come in at around 30% to 40% of the origional (first) price.

This is significantly lower than other similar quality exhibition solutions.

bespoke design visuals for stand at the Vaping Show
Rental exhibition display at NEC for Astley Clarke
Stand design by Quadrant2Design for UltraLube

Free Design Visuals

Fresh, new, alternative design ideas for your next exhibition stand, with your branding, images and colours. Free of charge and without obligation


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