Exhibition Stand Prices

We create exhibition stands from as little as £5000. Most new projects fall in around £7500 to £12,000 or thereabouts.

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How much are our exhibition stands?

If you’re looking at different exhibition stand suppliers, price is quite naturally on your mind!

Once we’ve put together a free design proposal, based upon your brief and requirements, we can provide a firm quotation.

As a guide, we can say that most of our new projects fall into the range of £7500 to £12,000 for a medium-sized exhibition stand.

Small stands can be less money and larger stands more.

As you would expect, price varies with the size of your stand, the design complexity and the location of your show.

Because our stands are modular and reusable, the great news is that ‘re-installation’ of your exhibition stand at future shows will be dramatically less money.

How much does my 2nd exhibition stand cost?

Remember that our exhibition stands are created in the world’s leading modular and reusable exhibiting system – the Prestige Events System.

This means our designers can take the components and graphics from your first exhibition stand, and then reconfigure them to fit your new-space at your next event.

We make this incredibly easy for you, with our Lifetime Free Design service.

In most cases ‘re-installs’ of the same exhibition stand at your next event will be around 25% to 30% of the initial cost. So if your first stand cost £12,000.00, re-installation of that same stand might be £3000.00 to £3600.00.

Of course, if you add to or change your graphics, or you need a larger stand, these factors will increase the price to some extent.

So when you use Quadrant2Design for your exhibition stands, your re-installation costs are significantly reduced, compared to other contractors.

What’s included in the price?

We are specialist suppliers of custom-modular exhibition stands, who work with clients that value the highest quality design and build service.

Our price includes the technical design, manufacture and assembly of your exhibition stand, graphic design and graphics production, purchase or hire of your stand, transport and logistics.

Depending on the options you have chosen, full installation and dismantle may be included within your price.

As a client, you work with one of our project managers who take care of all show administration, health & safety, design changes, stand and print production. This is included in the price of your project.

As part of our quality control, and included in the price, is the full pre-build of your exhibition stand. This pre-build identifies any quality issues before we go on-site for the ‘real’ build.

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Because we don’t want you to be stuck with just hiring or purchasing your exhibition stand, we’ve invented our flexible Freedom2Exhibit™ pricing plan.

This plan makes it easy to switch between different options, that best suit your current exhibiting circumstances.

So this plan allows you to easily move between the choices of purchase or hire, self-build or professional build.

Sounds complex? It’s not really – and all will be explained when you receive your free design visuals and detailed quotation.

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