100% Pre-Builds = 100% customer satisfaction…

Have you ever been at exhibition build-ups, and seen people struggling with their exhibition stands?

And all too often even contractors, who really should know better, are seen trying to deal with unexpected issues, and with unhappy clients.

Over seven years ago, we decided that the only way to eliminate nasty surprises on site, was to 100% pre-build our client’s exhibition stands.

And by the term ‘100% pre-build’ we mean a complete pre-build, with ever single detail completed, exactly as you would want it on your shows first open day.

  • Weeks before the ‘real’ build – we pre-build your stand within our pre-build zone – at our factory in Poole
  • Your stands pre-build is 100% – every shelf, every light, every graphic – perfect in every detail and exactly as you would expect
  • Everything must be perfect before our Quality Control Director can sign off the stand quality
  • We encourage you to visit and see your pre-built stand, and make a rigorous examination of the quality
  • If you can’t attend – we will photograph and video your stand and send you the images
  • Any issues or problems are dealt with in our premises, weeks before the ‘real’ build, and not ‘in a panic’ during the build-up!