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We Manufacture Great Exhibits

Quadrant2Design, design, build, manufacture and install over 600 exhibition stands every year, across the United Kingdom and Europe, making us Britain’s most successful exhibition stand manufacturers.

large golden modular stand with integrated shelving
Custom built exhibition stand for Armaf
large open exhibition stand
Stand with Photo-Floor with Hannah

Our Exhibition Stand Factory

Quadrant2Design are designers and exhibition stand manufacturers. We take our exhibit design extremely seriously. We love designing stands and we’re very good at it!

During the design process, you are kept well informed and we will go through as many design iterations as necessary to get the design and look you want for your exhibition stand.

But once the creative side is finished, and the ‘production-button’ is pressed, your project enters a factory-like process.

Our exhibition stand manufacturing operation has been developed and refined over 20-years and has been designed to fabricate your exhibition stand to the highest finish, and exactly as you have signed-off.

As your exhibition stand is moving through our production line, your Project Manager will be in contact regarding various quality control checks and approvals.

Everything is controlled and no aspect of fit, finish or quality is left to chance.

We DO NOT subcontract any aspect of your exhibition stand production.

All manufacturing takes place under the exacting eye of our Production Director, within our factory, by our staff using our machinery.

Once we have your finished exhibition stand, we have one final quality control step. In fact, this is the ULTIMATE quality control measure!

We pre-build your entire exhibit, within our workshop, complete in every detail, exactly as it will appear at your event.

You are very welcome to come and see your finished stand at our premises. We’ll make you feel at home – you might even get a cup of tea and a biscuit!

Quadrant2Design Manufacturers – some facts


  • HP giant-format graphic floor-printer
  • Vutek (EFC) giant-format graphic floor printer
  • 6 qty: Canon large-format graphics printers
  • 2 qty: Seal large-format mounting/finishing press
  • 2 qty: Zund precision large-format print cutter
  • 2 qty: DYSS routers
  • 2 qty: Trotec laser router/cutters


  • Main manufacturing facility 12,500 sq.feet
  • Storage facility 3000 sq.feet


  • 6 qty: long-wheelbase VW-Crafter Vans
  • 2 qty: VW-Transporter Vans
  • 4 qty: short-wheelbase Ford and VW Vans


  • Exhibition stand manufacturers that follow a strict factory-like process
  • Rigorous quality control checks along the way
  • Oversight by Production Director and Project Manager
  • All work takes place in-house
  • All work by Quadrant2Design staff
  • Finished exhibition stand subjected yo pre-build and final quality control sign-off
  • Clients welcome to visit their finished exhibition stand
  • Owned vehicle fleet
  • On-site installations

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