All Stand Manufacture is ‘in-house’

Although every stand we create is custom-designed and unique; once the ‘go-button’ is pressed, we start a factory-like process towards manufacturing our clients exhibition stands.

And because we only build stands in our own exclusive solution, we have been able to refine this process into a bullet-proof methodology that delivers outstanding quality, every time, for our customers.

At the heart of our process is quality control; every department is responsible for signing off the accuracy and quality of their work, culminating in the best guarantor of quality possible – our unique 100% Pre-Build Guarantee

All manufacture is carried out in-house, using our own people, tools and machinery.

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In House Services

We take full control of your project, start to finish.  we don’t outsource any of our work, from initial design and production to installation and project management, everything is under one roof.



View hundreds of design ideas, both actual stands  and design concepts, find some inspiration for your next exhibition stand or event. The Prestige Events System can create an almost infinite number of structures and look to suit everyone exhibiting needs.