An often neglected exhibition stand design feature is the creative use of lighting. In a brightly lit exhibition hall, you could be forgiven for thinking that adding lighting features to your stand is unnecessary, but a big part of making an eye-catching stand is making sure it is well-lit, and the effective use of lighting can really help your exhibit stand out from the crowd.

Our prestige events system can incorporate all kinds of lighting solutions, while our design team are experts in incorporating lighting into your exhibition stand build to make the most attractive stands that draw the most visitors.

Overhead LED spotlights

If you really want your stand to stick out from the crowd, don’t just rely on the standard strip lighting of the exhibition hall.

Imaginative use of LED spotlights can make your stand seem larger and give it a vibrant look, while also highlighting specific areas that you want to draw visitors’ attention to.

People are naturally drawn to light, so illuminating particular areas of your stand will make sure those are the features that your visitors pay the most attention to. Brightness also helps people to focus their attention, so will naturally attract the eyes of visitors through the sea of exhibitors, to your stand.

Different colour lighting can also be used on your stand to create a specific mood and atmosphere while complementing your brand’s unique personality.

Backlit graphics panels

Back-lit LED-illuminated graphics panels are another excellent example of using lighting to highlight your brand. It is a highly versatile exhibition design feature that can be used in a multitude of ways.

LED lightboxes are placed inside the framework of your stand, with sections of the panel integrated with thinner, more translucent material which allows the light to shine through. This is a unique feature which emphasises the graphic of your stand and creates a professional, attention-grabbing display.

Backlit rotating header

Overhead spotlights aren’t the only high-level lighting feature that can draw attention to your stand.

Backlit rotating headers are also a fantastic and engaging feature that draws significant attention to your stand. A rotating header is a branded sign that sits on top of your stand and rotates in circles, ensuring your brand is visible to anyone and everyone in the area.

They are very easy to spot because they are lit up by an internal LED lightbox and tower above the exhibition hall, while the rotating movement naturally draws visitors’ eyes away from the crowd and towards your stand.

Edge-lit acrylic

Edge-lit graphics are one of our newer custom features that we are very proud of! High-quality acrylic is engraved with your logo or graphics and those engravings are lit up within a darker backdrop, creating the illusion of a floating logo or graphic.

The graphics are intricately engraved with the aid of our state-of-the-art laser cutter and lit up at the edges using low-wattage LEDs. It can be engraved with any custom design, logo, or shape you want. As light passes through the etching, it illuminates the design and creates a fantastic attention-grabbing feature.

Giving your stand a unique futuristic look, this feature adds variety to your stand’s visual design, drawing the attention of visitors and getting more eyes on your stand. The lighting can be programmed with a variety of colours and, with thousands to choose from, you can simply pick the colour that best suits your brand. Can’t pick just one? The lights can also be programmed to cycle through multiple colours, introducing eye-catching movement to this unique feature.

Both designed and cut in-house, Quadrant2Design retains full creative control over this bespoke element and can easily integrate it into our modular stand system as a standalone feature or a backdrop for your showcases.

Illuminated showcases

If you want to display products on your stand one of the best ways to do it is within a showcase integrated into your stand structure.

To really draw attention to your products these showcases can be lit up in a variety of ways. This could be backlighting, down lighting, edge lighting or an under-lit showcase base; all of which will create an eye-catching frame for your product.

The edge-lit acrylic can also be used as an element of your showcase to draw maximum attention to this feature.

Putting your products in a branded, well-lit environment will draw added attention from visitors and allow you to showcase your product while also complementing the overall design of your stand.

Countertop lighting & illuminated plinths

While we’re lighting up the core structure of your stand, our added furniture features can also include unique lighting elements.

If you want to display a whole range of products, but don’t want to have them in a showcase, you might prefer to display them on an underlit plinth. The entire plinth top is illuminated from below drawing attention to your products and making them more enticing to attendees.

Counters can feature colour-changing downlighting around the edge of the countertop, which can act as an invitation to stand visitors, making them more likely to approach the counter. You can then have the counter filled with branded literature, or manned by a member of your team.


All of our lighting features are created using modern, efficient and sustainable LEDs.

This keeps the cost of lighting down, as multiple lights can be connected to a multi-plug extension and run off of less paid-for electrical sockets. LED lighting uses minimal wattage, which means you’ll pay less if you are charged for higher wattage costs.

LED lights are also more environmentally friendly, as they last much longer and use significantly less electricity than traditional light bulbs. They also don’t get as hot, which your staff and visitors will likely appreciate in a crowded exhibition hall.

Our 3D design team are experts in exhibition lighting design and know exactly which features should go where to make the most spectacular stands possible. We install hundreds of stands every year and each one makes use of our unique eye-catching lighting features.

To find out more about how we can light up your next exhibition stand call us now on 01202 723 500 or email