We supply ‘perfect-quality’ hire exhibition stands and displays, on our unique free-hire plan.

The benefits of free hire exhibition stands include reduced cost, huge flexibility and the ability to reuse your stands again and again, in different spaces, at future shows.

Hiring does not restrict your choice; your exhibition stand hire will be custom designed, to your exact requirements.

'Free-hire' exhibition stands explained

Because we work with our own solution, we’re able to supply the exhibition stand hire ‘skeleton’ (the bits you don’t see) on a free-loan basis.

You then pay our normal price for your printed graphics, design, project management, and installation.

Our exhibition stand hire process significantly reduces cost, while delivering you a custom-designed and high-quality, rental exhibition stand.

Our rental exhibition stands are available at all UK and European Shows, and are suitable for both Shell-Scheme and ‘Space-Only’ sites.

6x6 island exhibition stand, hired from Quadrant2Design,blue and green, with photo floor

Exhibition stand hire: what's included?

What you get for free:

  • Exhibition stand structure hire for every show.
  • Free storage of graphics between shows.
  • Lifetime free CAD redesign for future shows.

What you pay for:

  • Graphic panels; owned by you, and stored by us free of charge.
  • Dedicated project management, from planning through to the dismantling of your exhibition stand hire.
  • On-site installation and stand dismantlement service, by our professional stand builders.
  • Professional Graphic design (optional).

The benefits of 'Free-Hire' exhibition stands

Zero Cost for stand structure

You pay nothing for the hiring of the free-issue stand structure (the nuts ‘n’ bolts). Our exhibition stand hire process significantly reduces costs when compared to similar quality event solutions.

Your budget is better spent

Because you’re saving money on the stand structure, our exhibition stand hire means you’re free to spend your budget in any form on more useful areas; graphic design, promotions and marketing.

Re-use, again and again

Your free-hire exhibition stand is designed and built using the world's premier modular exhibition system.

Your first free-hire exhibition stand will be designed to fit within the stand space, at your first show.

At your future shows, you may well have a bigger or smaller floor space, or perhaps a different layout.

We then reconfigure, or ‘re-model’, your existing graphics and free-hire kit, to fit your new stand space.

In this way, you can re-use your existing materials with our exhibition standard hire service, saving a great deal of money in the process.

Bigger stands at less cost

With our exhibition stand hire service, we can design and build you a second, bigger stand - at minimal cost.

We take your existing graphics and kit from your first project and incorporate it into the second, larger design.

Any additional ‘hardware’ we will supply on free-loan, with you only paying normal prices for any additional graphics, project-management, and installation.

Rebrand or refresh easily

You can rebrand or refresh your graphic panels easily, at any time, for all of your promotional needs. We can offer you graphic design services, or we can work with your nominated designer, offering any needed support and advice.

Custom designed on a hire basis

We’re the only free-hire exhibition stand contractor that offers premium, custom-designed exhibition stands on a free hire basis. Other exhibition contractors offer cheap displays or secondhand ‘used-kit’ for event rentals.

Professional installations

Quadrant2Design are the UK’s most popular exhibition stand hire contractor, with over 600 successful installations every year. When you use us, you have the services of a dedicated project manager, who will guide you through the exhibition stand design and graphic design process, handle all the event administration, and the logistics and installation of your trade show display.

Small to medium/large exhibition space

Our exhibition stand hire service is ideal for exhibition spaces of 9 sq.M to 100 sq.M

Both shell scheme and space-only

Many of our rental exhibits are designed to fit within a shell-scheme space, and we’ve got some special ways of maximising the impact of such exhibits.

Our stands and displays are also ideal for use within a ‘space-only’ site, of anywhere up to 100 sq.M in size.

Finance exhibition stand hired from Quadrant2design, utilizing green grey and white branding with a walk-through feature

How much does it cost to hire exhibition stands?

Your initial exhibition stand hire will likely be in the region of £6,000 to £21,000, which includes the purchase of your printed graphic panels.

For future exhibition stand hire projects, you can expect this to reduce by up to 70%. As you have already invested in your reusable graphic panels, you simply pay for our project management, installation and Dismantle.

The price depends on the size and shape of the stand and the design features within it, as each stand design is tailored to your exact exhibiting needs, even on hire!

Pricing details

Complete freedom of design

With our exhibition stand hire process, there are no limits to your design and no restrictive design templates to choose from.

Each stand is designed and built bespoke to your exact design requirements, and you will receive this complete freedom of design with every future project.

We make it super-easy to get maximum value from your exhibition stand hire, with our lifetime free design guarantee.

You receive free CAD ‘re-designs’ to suit your latest stand space with every new exhibition stand hire project.

200+ Design Ideas
large custom design exhibition stand for tribe payments hired from Quadrant2design.
5x5 island trade show stand hired from Quadrant2Design, including suspended banner and branded counter

Where do we provide exhibition stand hire?

We are able to provide our exhibition stand hire service for events being held all across the country, and spanning much of Europe; from London, to Aberdeen, to Munich, and beyond.

Quadrant2Design are not limited by locality, with our full project management service beginning from our base in Poole, Dorset, and finishing with the installation and dismantling of your stand onsite, wherever that may be.

If you would like to learn more information regarding our exhibition stand hire services, and if we could be the right fit for your next event, visit our contact page, drop us an email, or give us a call.

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Exhibition stand hire you can trust

At Quadrant2Design, we pride ourselves on providing the industry leading exhibition stand hire service, with our unique free-hire approach, lifetime free design, and exceptional professional installations and management.

But don’t just take our word for it! Take the word of hundreds of previous clients on our client reviews page, and see why we are the leading provider of exhibition stand hire in the country.

Client reviews
Quadrant2Design team discussing exhibition stand hire

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