We offer you an exhibition stand hire plan, which makes the idea of purchase redundant.

With our unique free-hire, we manage the entire project for you: show administration, design and graphics, production, and final installation and dismantle.

Free Hire Exhibition Stands

This option is enormously popular because it’s flexible and efficient while making strong commercial sense.

You get the exhibition stand hire structure on a free-issue basis. But you own your graphic panels, which can be stored and reused on future projects.

On your future stands, you again use our ‘free hire’ stand structure but reuse your graphic panels, greatly reducing ongoing costs.

Exhibition stand hire rental for Sponge UK. Stunning bright hire exhibition stand at London show. Hire modular exhibition stand for Value Chain.

Free Hire Benefits

You Pay Zero Cost For Stand-Structure

You pay nothing for the free-issue stand structure (the nuts ‘n’ bolts). This reduces your costs, allowing you to spend your budget on marketing and promotion.

Spend Your Budget Better

Because you’re not spending money on the stand structure, you can choose to invest in better graphic design, or stand marketing and stand promotion.

Massive Reductions On Future Stands

You can use Free Hire again and again, while reusing your graphic panels on your new exhibition stand, saving you lots of money in the process.

Build Bigger Stands At Minimal Cost

We add the extra stand structure needed for larger or more complex stands, at zero cost, while you can reuse your existing graphics at no cost. Of course you will pay for installation and dismantle, and any extra graphics you may need.

Rebrand Or Refresh Easily

You can rebrand or refresh your graphic panels easily, at any time. We can offer you graphic design services, or we can work with your nominated designer, offering any needed support and advice.

Custom Designed Stands On Hire Basis

We’re the only exhibition stand contractor, that offers premium, custom designed, exhibition stands, on a free hire basis.

Expert Management And Build

Free Hire is only available, when we project manage and build your exhibition stand. You benefit from a dedicated project manager, and our vast experience in the management, production and worldwide installation of tradeshow stands.

Lifetime Free Design

Lifetime Free Design is available when you wish to reuse your trade show stand hire, maybe in a different sized space at a future tradeshow.

We look at your existing graphics, and at no cost, reconfigure them into a new design, to fit your new exhibiting space.

If you need more stand-structure, we add this on a free hire basis, with you paying only for any new graphics needed, plus installation and dismantle.

You can use Lifetime Free Design as often as you like, enabling you to lower costs on your rental exhibition stands.

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David and Shona looking at hire stand design