Why Hire Your Exhibition Stand?

Hiring your exhibition stand has strong advantages:

  • You have no money tied up in exhibition stand hardware that you only use now and again.
  • You have no storage issues.
  • You save money, because rental is cost-effective.
  • You’re not ‘locked-in’ to one design or look.
  • No logistical issues when exhibiting abroad.
  • Our stands are custom designed, yet modular and reusable across different trade show space.

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Free-Hire Plan

We have a rental plan that offers some amazing advantages. It’s called The Free Hire Plan.

How can we do this?

We create your stand in our Prestige Events System.

And because we manufacture our own solution, we carry huge stock levels of the Prestige system.

This allows us to offer the stand ‘skeleton’ or hardware on a free-hire (loan) basis.

You then pay our normal price for your printed graphics, design, project management, and installation.

The Free Hire Plan significantly reduces your costs, for a premier-designed exhibition stand.

Tradeshow exhibit for Miele with blue and white glossy graphics. Purple and white rental stand with red printed floor and backlit graphics. Finance exhibition stand hired from Quadrant2design, utilizing green grey and white branding with a walk-through feature

what's included?


  • Free hire of stand structure for every show.
  • Free storage between shows.
  • Lifetime Free Design, that reconfigures your hire-stand for different stand-space at future shows.

pay for:

  • Your graphic panels (we store free of charge).
  • Full project management.
  • Professional installation and dismantle.

benefits of 'Free-Hire'

Zero Cost stand structure

You pay nothing for the hiring of the free-issue stand structure (the nuts ‘n’ bolts). Our exhibition stand hire process significantly reduces costs when compared to similar quality event solutions.

budget is better spent

Because you’re saving money on the stand structure, our exhibition stand hire means you’re free to spend your budget in any form on more useful areas; graphic design, promotions and marketing.

Re-use, again and again

Your modular free-hire exhibition stand is designed and built using the world's premier modular exhibition system.

Your first free-hire exhibition stand will be designed to fit within the stand space, at your first show.

At your future shows, you may well have a bigger or smaller floor space, or perhaps a different layout.

We then reconfigure, or ‘re-model’, your existing graphics and free-hire kit, to fit your new stand space.

In this way, you can re-use your existing materials with our exhibition standard hire service, saving a great deal of money in the process.

Bigger stands at less cost

With our exhibition stand hire service, we can design and build you a second, bigger stand - at minimal cost.

We take your existing graphics and kit from your first project and incorporate it into the second, larger design.

Any additional ‘hardware’ we will supply on free-loan, with you only paying normal prices for any additional graphics, project-management, and installation.

Rebrand easily

You can rebrand or refresh your graphic panels easily, at any time, for all of your promotional needs. We can offer you graphic design services, or we can work with your nominated designer, offering any needed support and advice.

Custom designed on a hire basis

We’re the only free-hire exhibition stand contractor that offers premium, custom-designed exhibition stands on a free hire basis. Other exhibition contractors offer cheap displays or secondhand ‘used-kit’ for event rentals.

Professional installations

Quadrant2Design are the UK’s most popular exhibition stand hire contractor, with over 600 successful installations every year. When you use us, you have the services of a dedicated project manager, who will guide you through the exhibition stand design and graphic design process, handle all the event administration, and the logistics and installation of your trade show display.

Any size of exhibition space

Our exhibition stand hire service is ideal for exhibition spaces of 9 sq.M to 100 sq.M

Shell scheme or space-only

Many of our rental exhibits are designed to fit within a shell-scheme space, and we’ve got some special ways of maximising the impact of such exhibits.

Our stands and displays are also ideal for use within a ‘space-only’ site, of anywhere up to 100 sq.M in size.

Reusable and Sustainable

We’ll make your exhibiting reusable, cost-effective and sustainable.

We design and build your exhibition stand in our exclusive modular solution, the Prestige Events System.

You can then advantage of our unique Free-Hire Plan.

This plan reduces your costs, especially when you exhibit again, maybe in different space, at future events.

As well as saving money, you’re reusing your exhibition stand in the most sustainable way.

To learn more about reusablility and sustainability, take a look at our video.

Contact Us

Modular exhibition stand hire is our premier service.

Your stand is custom designed and will look like no other in the exhibition hall.

It will be totally bespoke, designed and built to an exacting standard, to your exact requirements.

And we design hire exhibition stands to fit within shell-scheme space, or space-only sites.

For free design visuals of your next project, call 01202 723 500 or email: design@quadrant2design.com

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Lifetime Free Design

To make it easy for you to reuse your exhibition stand, we have a Lifetime Free Design service.

How it works

  • You never pay for 3D CAD design.
  • We design your first stand with us, free of charge.
  • On subsequent stands, we reconfigure your existing stand and graphics to fit the new space. Again free.
  • We archive all your designs, ready to be retrieved when needed. Again free.
  • Lifetime Free Design applies to 3D CAD design, not graphic design.

Exhibition Accessories

Quadrant2Design offer a huge range of display and exhibiting products:

  • Pop up displays.
  • Modular fabric stands.
  • Banner displays.
  • Literature displays.
  • Counters.
  • Conference sets.
  • Shell-scheme graphics.
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Exhibition stands at UK show in Birmingham

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