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Affordable Hire Exhibition Stands

We have built our business on an amazing offer. Our exclusive Free2hire™ exhibition stand hire plan gives you a premier exhibit with no hire cost, you only pay for your exhibition graphics and expert installation. Now available with Free Photo-Floor™

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Ownership | Self-Build | Training & Support


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Hire | Self-Build | Training & Support


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Exhibition Stand Hire Services

Our rental solutions are targeted at exhibitors looking for amazing, high-end results, coupled with significant savings. Everything we do is in-house, including all design, manufacture, training, logistics and worldwide installations.


  • Custom-designed exhibition stand hire
  • CAD 3D Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Free lifetime re-designs for future events
  • Stand construction and manufacturing
  • Graphics printing and finishing
  • Free heated and insured storage facility
  • Pre-build in our factory before your event
  • Free2hire: zero rental cost, project management and expert build
  • Hire2self-build: save money by self-building

Our Premier Service

It’s important to understand that with Quadrant2Design, hire exhibition stands are our premier solution. We design and manufacture your stand to the same high standard, whether you’re the Bank of England, an SME, or a brand-new Start-Up.

And with over 80% of our clients choosing our Free2hire™ service, you begin to understand why we place so much importance on the success of your rental exhibition stand. A great insight into the success of our rental projects is our Client Reviews

Our Stand Building Solution

Unlike other exhibition contractors, we only have one exhibition stand hire solution. And that’s because it’s the best in the world!

Our Prestige Events System enables us to create for you, sensational looking exhibition stands that are also modular and reusable.

This modularity and reusability perfectly complement our popular Free2hire plan.


  • Custom designed exhibition display stands
  • Beautiful and unique, 100% graphic look
  • Modular and reusable hire exhibition stands
  • Easily reconfigured for different exhibiting space
  • Scales up or down for different sized stands
  • Ideal for shell-scheme or space-only sites
  • Lightweight for transport
  • Easy, safe and quick to build



What is the Free2hire plan?

Over 20-years we’ve become the global leader in rental exhibition stands based upon this simple plan. The plan offers SME and Corporate exhibitors lower-cost, yet PREMIER exhibition stands that provide you with a remarkable return-on-investment.


  • No hire cost on stand hardware, lighting, showcases and components
  • Therefore no money tied-up in exhibition hardware
  • You pay for your graphic panels (which you own for repeat use)
  • No future graphics cost until you choose to revamp your design
  • You pay for our expert installation at your event
  • You receive our professional project management
  • You have no storage costs
  • You get free ‘re-designs’ of your stand for future events
  • Up to 70% cost-reduction on your 2nd installation
  • Free-up budget for event marketing, giveaways and promotion

How is this plan possible?

Free2hire™ is possible because we design with, and manufacture, the world’s premier exhibition stand system, the Prestige Events System. The system is only available through Quadrant2Design.

And because of world demand, we design and build a lot of hire exhibition stands. Up to and around 600 exhibition stand hire stands every year!

This facility means we have substantial spare capacity and lots of exhibition stand kit, which we make available to exhibitors at UK and European shows and events, on a free-issue basis.

How long can I use Free2hire?

The simple answer is FOREVER (many of our clients do this).

You can base your entire exhibiting calendar upon the Free2hire plan, and benefit again and again from its cost savings. You take permanent advantage of free storage and benefit from free ‘re-designs’ for your future stand-space.

And it’s important to note that you can scale-up, or scale down your exhibition stands for different stand-space at future events, all at a minimal cost.

You never have money tied up in ‘hardware’ as we permanently supply you our exhibition system on a ‘free-loan’ basis, no matter how many exhibitions you attend.

While you pay for your graphic panels, we store them free-of-charge, and you can reuse them at future events.

All of the above makes your use of Free2hire a genuinely sustainable and environmentally responsible means of exhibiting.

Customer Reviews

Around 80% of our customers use our fantastic Free2hire™ loan plan, providing them with exhibition stand hire services at an extremely competitive cost. Some of our customers share their experiences here.

Free Design Visuals + FREE Photo-Floor™

Fresh, new, alternative design ideas for your next exhibition stand hire, with your branding, images and colours. Free of charge and without obligation


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Must-Visit Pages 

At Quadrant2Design, we use our exclusive stand building system, called the Prestige Events System. Our stands are custom-designed but are also modular and reusable. Have a look at the three related pages below to understand more.

Modular Stands

All of our rental exhibition display stands are modular and can be reconfigured for your future space.

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Exhibition Stands

Our exhibition stands have numerous functionality characteristics that make life comfortable for modern exhibitors.

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Self Setup Displays

There are numbers of exhibitors who value the enormous freedom that self-managing their exhibition stand allows.

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