Quadrant2Design Photo-Floor Guide

Your exhibition stand flooring can make a huge impact on the trade show floor. Sometimes less is more. But sometimes more is definitely more.

In this guide, we’ll cover your exhibition stand flooring options to help you make the right choices when it comes to your exhibition stand build.

Just when you thought you had your exhibition planning under control, someone mentions exhibition stand flooring. You’ll be presented with options, all of which claim to enhance your exhibition stand design. The design of your stand makes a huge difference at any show. Bold colours, great imagery and unique design features entice people onto your booth. Bespoke graphics are the difference between a successful show and a massive flop. Why stop at your structure?

Exhibition stand flooring can be as impactful as your exhibition stand. Your floor design can create a pop-up shop environment or extend your branded graphics to enhance your campaign.

You want an exhibition stand that stands out and attracts attention. We want you to have a successful show. This guide to exhibition stand flooring will help you achieve both.


If you choose to exhibit using a shell scheme space then the cost of the exhibition stand flooring is included in the cost of the floor space. If you choose space only, flooring generally isn’t included in the cost. One of the benefits of choosing a shell scheme is that it comes as a package deal. It includes additional products and services that you will need (electricity, flooring, etc.).

Space only doesn’t come with any flooring. This means you have to find a supplier or an exhibition stand contractor who can arrange this for you. The cost of your exhibition stand flooring will depend on the material you use and the size of your stand space.

If you go down the shell scheme route, you won’t have a choice when it comes to exhibition stand flooring. Often, the organisers will provide you with a grey carpet – the same grey carpet as everybody else in the venue.

exhibition stand flooring example

But I Don’t Want a Grey Carpet

So you don’t fancy the grey felt carpet that all the other exhibitors are using? I wouldn’t either. And with so many amazing exhibition stand flooring options available, I don’t know why anyone chooses to.

When it comes to shell scheme, exhibitors think they are committed to the flooring that is included, but this isn’t the case.  Take a look at our shell scheme conversions to see how we transform shell schemes and small spaces.

We know the difference that a great exhibition stand floor can make. You already know that you aren’t limited to the grey carpet, but have you thought about your options?

If you can lay it on the ground, you can use it as your exhibition stand flooring. As well as carpet, some of the stand flooring types we’ve seen are:

  • Lino
  • Tiles
  • Grass
  • Wood
  • Cardboard
  • LED screens

But our personal favourite is a custom-graphic photo floor.


Brand activation is your chance to build lasting connections with your target audience. You can build brand awareness using a brand activation campaign, event or other interaction.

Trade shows give you the perfect opportunity to make that happen. Your exhibition stand can become your brand activation display. And you’re going to want a graphic exhibition stand floor.

Photo flooring allows you to extend your branding onto your exhibition stand floor. Be bold and daring to stop crowds in their tracks just like The Happy Puzzle Company did with their exhibition stand. Or, create a shop-like environment (just like HB Ingredients and Helm) by using wood or tile-patterned graphics. You can include your name and logo to create a fully-branded, immersive environment.

Your exhibition stand flooring should be an extension of your graphics, not the cut-off point.

Should I Use A Raised Floor on my Exhibition Stand?

We are asked this question a lot. Raised floors can be very expensive. Sometimes they work but sometimes they are a trip hazard.

Exhibition Stand Flooring: Raised floor disadvantages

The average cost of hiring a raised floor is £9 per 1 m². The smallest spaces we work with are 9 m².

Installing a raised floor would incur an £81 charge before you’ve factored in the cost of your exhibition stand, furniture and audiovisual rental, on-site services and staffing.

For a more detailed breakdown, click here to download your free trade show budget template.


If your raised exhibition stand floor is higher than 50mm, you are required to include a disabled access ramp. This must be at least 1m wide and cannot go into the aisle. If you have a small stand, the ramp would take up a lot of your floor space.

This is why many exhibitors choose to raise the exhibition stand floor by less than 50mm. Raising your exhibition stand floor by 40mm means that you can avoid adding ramps and save space. But does it add anything to the design?

Low platforms are a trip hazard. Many organisers will ask you to include bevelled edges and contrasting colours to make them stand out and reduce the risk of a fall.

If a contrasting colour doesn’t match your branded graphics, a raised floor could ruin your exhibition stand design.


Raised exhibition stand floors may suit some companies better than others. All platforms will have a weight limit. If your products are over the weight limit, you won’t be able to display them on an exhibition stand with a raised floor.

This will only affect a handful of companies, but it is worth taking into consideration. We went to LAMMA at the beginning of the year – raised floors certainly aren’t an option for companies like Merlo with four agricultural machines on display.

Despite these reasons, sometimes raised floors can enhance your exhibition stand. They can also help you keep your area looking neat and tidy.


The only reason we would ever recommend raising the exhibition stand floor is if you need extra space to hide things. The space beneath the platform is perfect to run cables, lighting fixtures and water sources. A raised floor can make your stand look tidier and give you more space to display your products.

Eye-catching exhibition stand flooring

Photo-Floor from Quadrant2Design

A graphic photo floor from Quadrant2Design is the perfect way to create an immersive experience for your stand visitors, extending your branding from the walls of your stand to the floor.

Replace the drab exhibition hall carpet with some eye-catching colourful graphics and bring more eyes and ultimately more visitors to your stand.

For more details on our photo floors contact our design team on 01202 723 500 or email design@quadrant2design.com.