Exhibition Stand Design for the Meetings Show 2013

In May we were approached by Meet in Reykjavik, the official conventional bureau for Reykjavik, and asked to design a stand for them to fit in their Shell Scheme space at the Meetings Show in July 2013. The aim was to increase the attraction of Reykjavik as a tourist destination and become a ‘travelling friendly hotspot’ as they fight an ongoing battle with the ever increasing rise in beach holidays dominating the travel market.


Along with this, they wanted specifically to extend their reach to young travelers, particularly aged 18-30, and so wanted the stand to have a very fresh and modern approach.


The Design


Meet in Reykjavik had two images they specifically wanted on their stand – one of the Northern Lights and the other of a group of young travelers – and requested that the stand be designed around these two images to best show them off. It was a brilliant starting point, giving Ewa a clear insight into what exactly the client wanted while still allowing her creative freedom in respect to the layout.


Ewa’s first instinctive thought was how well Prestige would be able to display these high quality imagery in a panoramic style, given that there are no visible metal bars to break up the graphics.


“I was told that the graphics were the most important aspect of the stand, then the layout,” she explained to me. “So I wanted to have a feature wall, like you would have in a house, and then contrast it with the other image.”  The Aurora image acted perfectly as a feature wall, and was placed at the front so that it had the effect of ‘popping out’ from the rest of the stand – great for attracting passers by. By doing this, a small storage area was also created behind. “The colour theme works brilliantly, too,” she added. “The green really contrasts well against the white and the hint of red in their logo.”


The rest of the stand Ewa decided to keep quite simple, using only a few logos from the company’s website on High Level Branding and incorporating very simple showcases. “I was keen to make sure the showcase on the left did not interrupt the Aurora image, so we continued the image onto the back panel of the showcase. I think this works really well.”


The finished layout helped breakaway from the monotonous look of traditional Shell Scheme Booths, which tend to keep their rigid 4 walled rectangular structure (we removed the Shell Scheme fascia and nameboard to do this) and transform it into an eyecatching, interesting design certain to gain a lot of attention.


Here was the first design concept from Ewa, which Sigurjona Sverrisdóttir, Project Manager from Meet in Reykjevik, was ecstatic with.






Pre Build


Pre-building an Exhibition Stand is an integral part of our design process, whereby each stand is assembled in it’s entirety exactly how they would be on site; this is done to make sure everything is working as it should before the Show starts.


Below is a picture of the final stand in our pre-build area. As you can see, a few final changes were made to the graphics – such as enlarging the Aurora image so that it extended up into the High Level Branding to really give it more visual presence, as well as placing the company logo onto the Counterfix – but overall, the stand was almost identical to the first 3D design proposal which Ewa created.


The Final Stand


One week after the pre-build,  here was the stand at the Meetings Show at London, Olympia on July 9th 2013.


After the Meetings Show, Sigurjóna Sverrisdóttir told us: “The show was very good – we were very busy. Because our stand was so interesting people stopped by to look at it and felt compelled to walk in and get more information. So we’re very happy!”


The ethos surround the younger generation at the moment is all about exploring and discovering new places, with many people doing it in gap years or after University. We think this particular design helps encompass that ideology and helped put Iceland on the map as a holiday hotspot for young adults, especially since the average age of the people pictured on the stand are mid-twenties. Also, they look like they’re enjoying themselves – we don’t know about you, but we want to go to Iceland now!




Meet in Reykjavik were at the Meetings Show 2013 at London, Olympia 2013 July 9th – July 11th. For your own free stand design proposal for any upcoming event or exhibition, please call 01202 750 500 or email us at designteam@quadrant2design.com with more information.