Exhibition Stand Design and Build

Quadrant2Design have all key exhibition design & build services under one roof, including CAD and Graphic Design, Exhibition Printing and Finishing, Stand Manufacture, Project Management and Installations

Is your exhibition stand project vulnerable?

Quadrant2Design have been around for twenty years, designing and building stands in the United Kingdom and Europe.

We learned very early how important it was to have all key services, in-house, under one-roof, and operated by our own employed staff.

That way, we could fulfil our obligations to the client, no matter what the circumstances or no matter how unreasonable the deadline.

This is not the case with many contractors who, while purporting to be serious exhibition stand design and build outfits, in fact sub-contract out key services.

So, for example; it’s quite common for exhibition contractors to ‘sub-out’ the 3D structural design of their projects. Why is this such a bad idea?


Because design and build projects are complex, and their can be twists and turns in the design process (often to meet changing client needs).

Without your ‘design people’ in-house, ready to respond quickly to design changes, it’s easy to lose track and make mistakes.

Even worse is when an exhibition contractor subs-out the exhibition graphics and exhibition printing to a third party.

This often leads to wrongly sized panels or poor quality graphics being produced, without the time to replace them. Disaster.

So when shopping-around for a exhibition design & build company ask them about their in-house capability.

The key ‘in-house’ exhibition stand services are: CAD design, graphic design, project management, large-format graphics, and stand build and employed stand-fitters.

Our in-house design & build services

  • CAD design: We employ between 5 to 7 CAD designers at any one time. They create your initial design proposal, but once your project is ‘live’ they handle the 3D plans and layouts with mathematical accuracy, keeping close track any ‘twists ‘n’ turns’ in the design process.
  • Graphic design: We normally have 3 graphic designers who handle both creative and technical tasks. Our graphic designers are extremely accurate in their work and have the knack of knowing ‘what works’ in large-format graphic environments.
  • Graphics production: Quadrant2Design, design and build exhibition stands in our exclusive Prestige Events System
    Prestige is essentially a high-tech ‘clothes-horse’ for beautiful panoramic graphic landscapes, therefore our graphic production department is especially important to us. At any given time we have 4 – 5 skilled workers working in graphics production.
  • Stand pre-building: Unlike any other design & build contractor, we pre-build every single exhibition stand we create. This is an integral element in our quality control process. Around 6 – 7 people work in pre-build.
  • Stand manufacture: We manufacture in-house our stand system and it’s unique design features. At any given time 3 – 4 people are involved in the manufacturing process.
  • Project management: Currently we have 3 project managers, 2 project directors and the production director involved in the management, organisation and scheduling of clients design and build projects. They work to a strict management methodology and quality control process that’s the envy of the industry.
  • Photo-flooring: Our clients design and build exhibition stands are unique in that they nearly always benefit from stunning printed Photo-flooring (as opposed to the ‘boring-flooring’ low-grade carpet seen on other stands.
  • Transport & Logistics: Nearly all stand design & build projects are driven to the venue, using our own staff and in one of our modern vehicles.
  • Installation and dismantle: Organised and scheduled by our project managers and carried out by our skilled stand fitting team.
What we do for you 2
Modular Exhibition Stands 2
This is an exhibition stand for Olympus

Graphic Design

Exhibition design and build graphic design facility



CAD Design

Bespoke 3D design & build exhibition structures



Graphics Production

Graphics produced in house to a ‘secret-formula’ specifically for the
amazing Prestige Events System



100% Stand Pre-Build

Every exhibition stand 100% pre-built for quality control purposes



Project Management

Talented and experienced Project Managers dedicated to
your design & build project



Stand Manufacture

In house manufacture of all components  for guaranteed quality




Amazing Photo-Floor on every stand project



Installation & Dismantle

Professional install and dismantle by our skilled fitters


Transport and Logistics

Bullet-proof logistics and transport of your design & build project