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Full Service Exhibition Stand Build Contractor

We’re proud to have designed and installed thousands of custom modular exhibition stands. We look after your exhibition stand from the design stage through to the manufacture, construction and beyond.


  • 3D & Graphic Design
  • Project Management & Support
  • Stand Manufacture & Print Production
  • Transport & Logistics
  • Stand Installation & Dismantle
  • Free storage between shows

If you’re looking for exhibition stand builders that can design a jaw-dropping stand, manage your exhibition from beginning to end, then finally install and deconstruct it at the venue, call us today.

Sustainable exhibition stand, made from 100% reusable parts reducing carbon foot print by 300 times

exhibition stand design and build

Exhibition stand suppliers you can trust 

We are an exhibition stand supplier that you can trust, having built 600+ stands a year at large event venues worldwide. We have over twenty years’ experience in manufacturing exhibition stands.

We’re always at ExCel London or Birmingham’s NEC but we’re highly experienced in managing overseas projects. Thanks to our diverse team, you can rest assured that the language barrier won’t be a problem.

Everything is done in-house, from design to manufacture. We don’t trust strangers, and would never leave your exhibitions’ fate in someone else’s hands.

Having exclusivity of the Prestige Events System made it possible for us to develop a highly efficient process. We trust our process. So do our clients according to over 700 reviews.

Hundreds of Reviews

We create around 600 inspirational exhibits every year and our valued clients are happy to give their feedback. Real Client Reviews

Custom Modular Exhibition Stand Builders

We supply Custom Modular exhibition stands with unique design features like floor to ceiling graphics, photo-flooring, integrated audio-visual (AV) and unique product showcases. And our exhibition stand installers do all of this without a single power tool.

Every element of your stand is taken care of by one of our experts, right here at our design studio and factory. Because we know the Prestige Events System inside out, we know you’ll be blown away with our designs. Just wait until you come and see the finished product during pre-build.

beauty hire stand with golden patterned floor

exhibition stand pre build at Quadrant2Design

Exhibition Stand Manufacture all under one roof

Would you trust an exhibition stand contractor that didn’t design, manufacture and pre-build your stand under one roof? We do everything in-house.

When you call you’ll chat with our design team – they turn your exhibiting dreams into reality. If you like the sound of everything, your design agent will work alongside our CAD designers to create a 3D visual of your exhibition stand. We offer this service free of charge, for life.

Then our graphic designers create your graphics and send everything downstairs to be manufactured in our factory. We are extremely process driven and believe that our team’s strong relationships are what have led us to become the UK’s biggest independent exhibition stand design and builders.

Stand Pre-Build – guaranteed peace of mind

We are the only exhibition stand contractors that can guarantee your event will run smoothly from beginning to end. Why? Because of our 100% pre-build promise.

Other exhibition stand builders must enjoy last-minute panic as, can you believe, we are the only contractors who pre-build every element of your stand before we take it to your show. Pre-building every stand is the only way we know that everything is perfect.

It also guarantees peace of mind. We encourage you to come and see your stand, fully built and in all of its glory, weeks before your show takes place. If you’re not 100% happy, then we will do whatever it takes to fix that before your exhibition.

exhibition stand contractor working

colourful gloss exhibition stand with branded counter

Experts at building Exhibition Stands

We know the venues inside out, having built thousands of exhibition stands worldwide. We trust our process, having spent over twenty years perfecting every step. And we know our product, having worked solely with the Prestige Events System for several years.

Global brands like Tesco have used our custom modular exhibition stands, as well as SMEs like Vetark and Performanta. We even helped the Bank of England launch the new five-pound note. The years of experience and our ability to adapt to changes in the industry is what has led us to 700 client testimonials and a five-star trust pilot score.

Overall we are proud to be experts at designing, building and manufacturing exhibition stands.

Exhibiting Case Studies

Over 20 years, we estimate that we’ve designed and built around 10,000 exhibition stands. Here are a few case studies of our valued clients. Recent Projects


See Case Study 


See Case Study 


See Case Study 

10 Questions to ask any Exhibition stand builder

How much input can I get in the design?

Our Answer:
As much input as you like! Our graphic designers love receiving artwork and ideas from our clients. We will work with you to achieve a result that will make you stand out on the exhibition floor. Don’t worry if you don’t have an artistic side, our design team are experts at understanding and portraying your brand. They’ll pull visuals from your website and use the colours in your logo to create a stunning exhibition stand.

How much will my exhibition stand cost?

Our Answer:
The truth is you can get some exhibiting display options at an extremely low cost. These graphic displays highlight your branding, but won’t do you any favours when it comes to the success of your show… unlike our custom modular design. Our stands typically fall into the range of £7500 to £12,000. Remember, you could reduce this cost by up to 70% by repeat exhibiting with our reusable stands.

I’ve never exhibited before, can you show me some design ideas?

Our Answer:
If any exhibition stand contractors don’t have a ton of ideas for you then you should probably give them a miss. We’ve got tons of great ideas for you to take a look at in our portfolio and an entire showroom for you to come and visit.

Can you build the exhibition stand that I want?

Our Answer:
Of course we can! Many of our clients have come to us with a dodgy sketch on the back of an envelope, and we’ve used the Prestige Events System to recreate it. Over the years we’ve added more and more unique design features to our product. Now we are building pop-up immersive environments that tell a story and draw people in.

Who manufactures my exhibition stand?

Our Answer:
We do. We know most of the exhibition stand builders out there will outsource the manufacturing process, but we like to keep things in-house. Everything from the initial designs to the manufacture and pre-build of your stand will take place in our Poole based design studio and factory. Pop down and see us if you don’t believe us.

How long will my exhibition stand take to design & Manufacture?

Our Answer:
We always recommend you give yourself as long as possible to prepare for your show. But you don’t need to talk to us until you’ve booked your floor space. As soon as you’ve got a floor space booked, and you know the size and orientation of the space, it’s time to get in touch with us. Remember, we can redesign and reconfigure your stand to make it fit any space or orientation.

Is your solution sustainable?

Our Answer:
Our solution is reusable. You can reconfigure it. It’s lightweight and easy to transport. Our team don’t need any power tools in the build process. We don’t use harmful materials like MDF or PVC. They become more cost-effective the more you use them. We pride ourselves on offering the most sustainable solution to exhibiting on the market.

Who is responsible for storing my exhibition stand?

Our Answer:
We offer three solutions to exhibiting: Free2Hire™, Hire2SelfBuild™, Buy2SelfBuild™. If you choose to hire your exhibition stand, we will happily keep it in storage for you for 12 months after your most recent exhibition. If you purchase a stand with us then it is your responsibility to store your exhibition stand.

Can I see the finished product before the event?

Our Answer:
100% yes! We wouldn’t expect anyone to trust our results based on 3D visuals alone. We are the only exhibition stand builders that offer a 100% pre-build promise. This means that weeks before your event takes place we build every single element downstairs in our pre-build area. We encourage you to come and have a look, but we’ll be sure to send you photos and videos of your stand if you can’t make it.

Who will be in charge of my project?

Our Answer:
We know how annoying it is having to relay information as your queries are transferred from person to person. That’s not how we do things. We’ll assign a dedicated project manager to look after every step of your stands process. Your project manager will be your main point of contact. And because they follow your exhibition stand from beginning to end, they’ll be able to answer every question you have. Every time.

“Tell me how I can save 70% on my repeat exhibiting…”