We work hard to create the perfect stand for your event and we’re not about to let someone else take the credit for building it! With our Free Hire Plan, professional installation and dismantling are included as standard and we never outsource installation, so we know it’s done properly!

Experts in the Prestige Events System, our installation team build hundreds of our bespoke modular stands every year and know the intricacies of each feature better than anyone. They are highly trained and familiar with all the major UK and European venues, so liaising with organisers and onsite contractors is stress-free.

They’ll transport your stand to the venue in person (even if your event is overseas), professionally construct and have it ready to exhibit without you having to lift a finger.

We never outsource installation, so we can guarantee that our stands are built to the very highest standard! All you have to do is show up and your stand will be ready to go!


All of our stands are installed by our experienced, highly-trained team of exhibition stand installers.

The expandable aluminium hardware is erected and fixed in place with strengthened magnetic rods. The individual modules are connected in a near-endless variety of shapes and sizes, to fit any stand space.

After the frame is up, bespoke features and lighting connections are securely attached to the frame. High-level branding, rotating headers, backlighting and showcases are all securely and seamlessly integrated into the framework.

In the final stage, high-quality graphics panels are attached to the magnetic rods and intricately positioned to ensure graphics flow seamlessly across all panels. Our all-graphic solution means the graphics wrap around the entire structure and ensure the hardware is hidden from sight.

After the show, our team will carefully dismantle your stand, and bring it back to our facility to be stored completely free of charge until your next show.


Our expert stand installers are extensively trained in safe installation, including the proper use of ladders whether within our facility or onsite at events.

We supply all of the equipment our installers need and maintain regular checks for damage or excessive wear and tear.

The materials that make up our stands come fully manufactured, so construction requires no power tools, paints or hazardous materials and produces no dust or waste.

The process is entirely clean and safe for our installation team, as well as customers wanting to self-build their own stands.

Want to know more about our professional installation service? Or want to discuss your next exhibition project? Give our design team a call on 01202 723 500 or email design@quadrant2design.com.

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