Our free hire plan includes the free storage of your exhibition stand between events.

This service is provided on a year-long basis, so as long as you continue to exhibit with us at least once a year, we’ll continue to store your stand(s) for free.

We loan you the hardware for each event (again, for free) so after your event, this is returned to our production facility to be used for other projects, while your graphics are expertly packed, catalogued and stored at our dedicated storage facility a short drive from our offices in Dorset, England.

By providing our customers with free storage we take away the added cost of storing your stand between events, as well as the worry of making sure it doesn’t get lost or damaged.

Our storage system

There’s a lot more to providing free exhibition stand storage than you might think.

We store thousands of stands at our dedicated storage facility and, because we own the building, we can guarantee that this service will continue for all of our customers indefinitely.

After each event, our installation team expertly dismantle your stand and transport it back to our facility where it is carefully packed into durable cardboard drums. We never fold or crease your panels, and this is one of the many reasons why they are so long-lasting!

Once packed, the heavy-duty, damage-resistant drums are catalogued and uniquely labelled, then stored at our dedicated storage facility.

Our storage facility is temperature-controlled and insulated, which prevents any warping or damage to panels from long-term storage. The facility is separate from the everyday activities of the business, to eliminate the risk of accidental damage or misplacement. Your stand will remain undisturbed from the moment it is stored until it is pulled out ready for your next event.

All of this ensures that your stand comes out of storage in the same perfect condition that it went in, as you’ll be able to see during the 100% pre-build inspection we undertake before every event.

For more information on our free storage plan, or to discuss your next exhibition project, contact our design team on 01202 723 500 or email design@quadrant2design.com.

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