When you work with us, all exhibition design is free.

This starts with the initial design proposals and design development involved in creating your 1st stand with us.

Then, when you move on to your 2nd and subsequent stands, we re-design your stand, free-of-charge, to fit your new requirements.

How Does This Work?

When you first work with us, we archive your design – structure and graphic panels – into a design library.

When you return for your 2nd exhibition stand, we retrieve the design elements, and reconfigure them to fit your new circumstances (different space, or new venue?).

This enables you to reuse your existing exhibition stand materials, in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

2 exhibition designers at Quadrant2Design.

You're Always in Control

You are always in control of your designs.

When we reconfigure your design for a new exhibition project, you always have the final say on your design.

And we’re happy to amend and develop the design, for as long as it takes, until we have your perfect result.

As much as possible, we work with your existing stand materials, so that we minimise your costs.

However, you’re free to change or add graphic panels – maybe for a re-brand – or for a fresh look – when ever you want.

Lifetime Free Design is available for both buy and self-build and hire exhibition stand customers.

Reconfigure & Reuse in a sustainable way

Lifetime Free Design is central to the value we offer you.

It puts you in control, allowing you to cost-efficiently reuse your exhibition stand again and again.

We strive to reconfigure your materials, into your new stand space, in the most cost-efficient manner possible.

While remembering that you can add or change your stand elements, to create a completely fresh look, if you so desire.

Photo-Floor adds the winning touch

When we design an exhibition stand, we always include a Photo-Floor option.

Photo-floor replaces the dull exhibition carpet, that you’ll see on your competitors stands.

Photo-floor is part of, and complements, your overall graphic design.

The effect is unique and powerful, getting you noticed, and winning more show-visitor attention.

Lovely free photo floor design for trade show.