Our competitors think that the first time you should see your exhibition stand, is when your arrive at your show.

They will not have pre-built your exhibition stand.

They hope that everything ‘will be OK on the day’. They hope there won’t be any issues, or unforeseen problems.

Sadly, they will often be wrong. And you will be left holding the baby.

Our Approach is Different

We prebuild every single exhibition stand we design and manufacture.

This is done weeks, or days, before the installation at your event.

We don’t partially build it, And we don’t build it with ‘bits missing’ or a graphic missing.

When we prebuild your exhibition stand, it’s a 100% build, down to every last detail. This is a cast-iron guarantee.

Why do we Pre-Build?

Because we have to present you, with an exhibition stand, perfect in every detail, when we ‘hand-over’ to you, at your event.

The only way we can guarantee this, is to do a complete pre-build, in the days or weeks, before the show installation.

This gives us the time and space, to inspect every detail, and deal with any quality issue, way before we travel to the show venue.

And you have the opportunity, to visit the pre-build, to see and pre-view your exhibition stand.

And we know, your build, at your event, will go smoothly, and deliver you a perfect exhibition stand.

Beware False Claims

There is no gentle way of saying this.

Some of our competitors say they pre-build, when they don’t. They make the false-claim for marketing purposes.

We’ve heard reports from their disillusioned clients, that upon arrival, their stand is half-finished, with graphics and bits missing.

Always with the promise “oh, it will be ok on the day”.

Too often it won’t.

El Diablo Pre-Build

This video shows the design, production and pre-build process for our client El Diablo.

The pre-build is the final part of our exhaustive quality control process.

Once the pre-build is completed, we inspect the exhibition stand in detail, searching for any potential quality issues.

Only once we’re satisfied, is the stand ‘signed-off’ as acceptable for installation at the show.