Our exhibition stand hire services are also available in Malta, over 2000 miles away! Meaning, if you are exhibiting there, you still can have a high-quality, professional-looking stand.

Located at the centre of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta frequently hosts some of the world’s largest trade shows in certain industries, for example, gaming and gambling.

Malta is world-renown for its policy and influence within the gambling sector. So much so, the country hosts the Casino Beats Summit annually, one of the world’s only gambling-related exhibitions.

Our team of installers are able to fly out to Malta, to build and break down the start, before and after the show.

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Exhibition stand hire, Malta

Exhibition venues in Malta

Although being labelled as one of the smallest countries in the world, Malta's venues are amongst the most impressive in Europe.

  • InterContinental
  • MFCC

Other locations

We install exhibition stands across a number of other locations across the UK and Europe. Have a look at the locations below, or alternatively, click here to see all our available locations.