Your dream stand is waiting…

Whether you’re looking for the one this Valentine’s Day or you’re already lucky in love, we know you’ll fall head over heels with our delightful exhibiting innovations.

Using our exclusive Prestige Events System, we’ve spent the last few years changing the face of trade shows and finding the best way to help you stand out at your exhibition.

We get it – sitting down and thinking about your next exhibition stand doesn’t exactly scream sexy. You’d much rather be spending your Valentine’s evening in a swanky London restaurant gobbling down aphrodisiacs with your beloved. Alternatively, you may be more cynical, plonked in front of Netflix with a takeaway pretending the whole thing isn’t taking place in the first place.

At the end of the day, it’s got to be sorted – the show is approaching and if you want to draw in leads you need to wow delegates with an extraordinary exhibition stand.

We offer each of our exhibiting innovations as a standard design option – and are the only exhibition stand supplier in the UK to do so.

Are you ready to make a commitment to a sustainable and modular Prestige exhibition stand but are unsure if such a system has the pazzazz to turn heads at the exhibition hall? Well, we have someone we want you to meet…

Photo Flooring Quadrant2Design


Sick of boring flooring? Our photo-flooring beats drab carpet any day. A photo-floor really ties your stand together, reflecting your marketing message and making it all-encompassing. Beautiful and stylish, photo-flooring is a soulmate to anyone who loves to look vibrant. It subsequently can to anyone who can no longer bear to stare at ghastly grey carpet all day.

Manufactured in-house at our Poole HQ along with every other element of your stand. Our photo-flooring is created by printing a high-resolution image on to specialist floor vinyl.

Backlit Rotating Header

A literal head-turner as much as a metaphorical one, backlit rotating headers are excellent for anyone looking to put a different spin on their exhibition stand. Backlit rotating headers are engaging, easy to spot, and tower above the exhibition hall really pulling in the show-goers. Plus all that twirling and whirling can be pretty hypnotic…

Securely attached to a motor, backlit rotating headers seamlessly turn 360° and are illuminated, ensuring you’re spotted straight away by anyone walking into the show. They are the perfect partner for anyone looking to increase footfall on their stand.

Baklit Rotating Header for trade business

Engraved Edge-Lit Graphic

If you’re looking to spice things up (with your exhibiting technique, that is) then an engraved edge-lit graphic is the one for you. Guaranteed to give your stand a fantastically futuristic look, the graphic is colour-changing and can be programmed as you see fit.

The graphic is made of acrylic and engraved by our state-of-the-art laser cutter. The design is illuminated by passing light through the engraving. It can be used as a stand-alone component or incorporated into the rear of a showcase.

Have one of our innovations stolen your heart?
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Introducing Engraved Edge-Lit Graphics from Quadrant2Design on Vimeo.