When exhibiting at a show, your stand design can play a crucial part in your overall success from the event. However, ‘stand design’ can be broken down even further into two smaller categories, the stand layout and the graphics. We will focus on the latter, and how you can make the most effective choices in graphic design to get the results you want from your shows.

At Quadrant2Design, we’re proud to offer a full complement of CAD, graphic design and technical artwork teams to help achieve your design vision.

If you choose to take on the task of accumulating ideas on what you want to see on your modular stand, it is key for you to follow some of our exhibition design tips below. These will give you a guideline on the approach you may want to take when in the design idea phase.

5 Exhibition Stand Graphics Tips

1. Be considerate of your exhibition floor space and stand structure.  

The first exhibition design tip is to appropriately design the graphics with the available floor space in mind. It is strongly recommended to have a confirmed floor plan size alongside the stand structure before starting the design & build process. This will reduce the difficulty of applying design ideas to the stand configuration, and the introduction of features to enhance the graphics can be implemented afterwards. With a modular exhibition stand framework, the ability to reconfigure and reuse will result in a sustainable method of exhibiting with your graphics.

2. Have symmetry between the current branding strategy and your stand graphics.

Aligning both the stand and current branding strategy graphics creates a symmetrical design that compliments your brand recognition, image and perception. It makes sense to further use the branding strategy in place to exhibit, as a stand also acts as a large advertisement in its own right. By taking advantage of this possibility, visitors can either further strengthen or newly build branding associations, this is a very powerful tool from the stand of graphic design.

large and spacious aesthetic exhibition stand 6m x 4m, green and white.

3. Include a photo floor to the design.

An innovation brought to exhibitions by Quadrant2Design, the photo floor. It extends the graphics from the panels, and onto the flooring, replacing the generic venue carpet. Making use of every square inch with graphic features creates an exhibition experience like no other. The equipment and production facilities at our premises mean we can produce this unique experience; unlike other exhibition stand contractors.

Large white and green exhibition stand 7mx10m with counters, showcase displays, lighting, photo-floor etc

4. Fewer words, more graphics.

In most cases, the simple exhibition stand ideas promote large graphics including branding and imagery and text. The main role of the graphics on a stand is to grab the attention of those passing by. Here at Quadrant2Design, our prestige events system creates a seamless graphic look, forging an even better visual experience for visitors at your stand. The large, crisp graphics do a fantastic job of advertising your brand. Use them to your advantage.

Custom exhibition stands for Potters Herbals. Produced by Quadrant2Design.

5. Use fret-cut backlit features.

The use of fret-cut back-lit features is extremely advantageous in allowing visitors to interact with your stand. This feature can attract attention to very specific spots within the stand graphic design, whether it is a branding piece or valuable information about the business. Clever use of lighting features enhances the effectiveness and importance of your design, backlit illuminations are one of the most underrated features you can use.

Modular exhibition stands for Intrinsic at Olympia, London. Features high-level branding and LED Back-lit symbols. Produced by Quadrant2Design.

These are just a few of our exhibition design tips to help with your graphic design ideas when making those vital decisions for your stand. We hope you have found them helpful. Your graphics are always the main talking point of a stand, so it is important to get them right. For help with your next trade show, speak to one of our experts on 01202 723 500 or email design@quadrant2design.com.