Custom exhibition stands for Potters Herbals. Produced by Quadrant2Design.

When exhibiting at a show, the design of your exhibition stand can play a crucial part in your overall success from the event.

At the end of the day, the exhibition stand is the first thing your visitors will see about your company. It’s for this reason that you should make sure your stand can tick these boxes.

  • It’s presenting the right perception of your company
  • It’s using colours that best represent your message
  • It’s clearly inviting and accessible for visitors
  • It has a simple layout with little clutter
  • It’s comfortable for your exhibition team to manage and work on
  • It features lots of open space
  • It has enough but a limited amount of furniture

Stand design can be broken down into two smaller categories, the stand layout and the graphics.

Large white and green exhibition stand 7mx10m with counters, showcase displays, lighting, photo-floor etc

Stand Layout

In terms of your stand layout, there are a few points to consider:

  • Is the company branding clearly visible and not blocked by other elements of the stand?
  • Where is the key point of our exhibition stand that people will see walking down the aisles in the hall?
  • What exhibition stand decor do we need and how do we make it simple
  • How can we position everything so that our open sides are inviting for visitors?
  • Where on the exhibition stand can we position our brochures? Are they clearly within reach of visitors?
  • Is there a clear metre around any free-standing units we have on the exhibition stand?
  • If we are using a raised floor, is it finished and accessible for visitors

large and spacious aesthetic exhibition stand 6m x 4m, green and white.

Stand Graphics

The graphic design process is a key component of a successful exhibition stand. Some important things to remember at this crucial stage are:

  • Text – should be minimal and include only a few key benefits of your products or services. Too much text will make a stand look cluttered, and people may struggle to concentrate on reading it all. Your company name should be large enough to be visible from across the hall and should be placed at the top of the stand or on a hanging banner – this is high-level branding. Place descriptive text lower down the stand so visitors can read it up close if they want to.
  • Font – keep it simple, good fonts to use are serif or sans serif. Decorative fonts are difficult to read from a distance. For consistency keep the fonts the same, or have no more than two, across the stand.
  • Eye-level branding – is where you put your imagery and keep images large to draw attention to your stand. If the graphics are seamless, your stand will look extra professional compared to your competitors.
  • Negative space – “the space between things” – allow plenty of space between text and images to prevent the stand from looking too chaotic.
  • Lighting – don’t rely on the usual lighting within the event hall, clever use of lighting effects and features will draw attention to specific areas of the stand or your product.
  • Movement- movement will catch the attention of passing visitors, this could be in the form of screens, a branding element which moves, or even colour changing light.
  • Your Product – think about how best to display your product whether they be physical or digital products, to ensure maximum exposure and interest.
  • Colour – Keep in mind that colour theory has a massive impact on how your stand visitors will perceive your business.
    • BLUE – Inspires trust and security
    • RED – Encourages urgency and impulse buying
    • YELLOW – Promotes clarity and ease of use of the product
    • ORANGE – Used as a strong call to action to do something
    • GREEN – Promotes healthy lifestyle and products associated
    • PURPLE – Represents creativity and quality

These are just a few of our exhibition design considerations to help with your design ideas when making those vital decisions for your stand. We hope you have found them helpful.

At Quadrant2Design, we’re proud to offer a full complement of CAD, graphic design and technical artwork teams to help achieve your design vision.. For help with your next trade show, speak to one of our experts on 01202 723 500 or email