• What is there to do at a trade show by Quadrant2Design.

    What is there to do at a trade show?

    If you’re considering exhibiting at, or attending, a trade show you might be asking yourself what is there to do? Well, Quadrant2Design has your answer.

  • The Events Industry Key Statistics

    The events industry is one of the biggest and most diverse sectors to operate in, both within the UK and on a global scale. Large-scale

  • Index - Exhibition trends in 2022

    Exhibition Trends in 2022

    It’s been a tough couple of years for the events industry, the Covid pandemic hit hard with no live events able to take place for

  • NEW Exhibition Venue in the UK

    Guide to the UK’s Top Three Exhibition Venues

    If you are new to exhibiting, travelling to a venue you haven’t been to before, possibly in a strange town or city can be daunting. 

  • Exhibition trends for 2021 image 1

    Exhibition Trends 2021

    The pandemic has made a big impact on the events industry with all exhibitions and trade shows having to be cancelled or transferred online during

  • Importance of team work image 2.

    The Importance of Teamwork in the Event Industry

    Organising an event is a lot of work and requires the coordination of many different factors.  Whilst it is possible for much of this to

  • Explanation for 'what is exhibition sales'.

    How to maximise sales at an exhibition

    An exhibition is a great place to make sales – attendees are in buying mode and are there looking for new products and ideas. Research

  • what is exhibition marketing

    What is exhibition marketing?

    “But marketing is what the exhibition is for, right? I’m really supposed to do preparatory marketing for my marketing venture?” Alas, it may come as

  • what is a trade show

    What is a Trade Show?

    What is a trade show? A trade show, often referred to as an exhibition in the UK, is an event that brings businesses within a particular industry