When it comes to expanding your business into new markets, exhibiting in the UK is a great choice. The events industry in the UK is booming and presents a wealth of opportunities for both buyers and suppliers.

We understand that exhibiting abroad can be overwhelming, but with the right contractor, you can have a seamless and stress-free experience.

Benefits of Exhibiting in the UK from Abroad 

Access New Markets

Exhibiting abroad is an excellent way to extend your reach outside of your home market to gain access to prospective customers. As visitors only attend shows they are genuinely interested in, you are guaranteed to come face-to-face with your target market.


Exhibitions in the UK typically host hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of visitors. The sheer amount of people makes the events a fantastic opportunity to establish your company and products in your industry, generating leads and sales! 

Assess the competition

Trade shows create the perfect opportunity to assess your competition, as the market-leading companies are all in one place! When you exhibit abroad, you can gauge whether you have a unique selling point outside your home market! This knowledge is valuable when assessing future business decisions.

Funding and reduced costs

Government support from business and export departments at national and regional levels can offset the cost of exhibiting abroad. Look out for schemes on offer or speak to your embassy in the UK for more details.

How to choose an exhibition stand contractor when exhibiting in the UK

Exhibiting abroad comes with the added pressure of finding a reliable partner remotely. 

When you are exhibiting overseas you need someone familiar with the event, local rules, regulations and customs. Not to mention, shipping over a stand is an added expense. Finding a supplier with UK knowledge and capabilities will streamline your operations and guarantee your success.


At Quadrant2Design we are a trusted and experienced partner to those exhibiting in the UK from abroad. Many of our clients exhibit in the UK and across Europe and use our free-hire system for both!

Seabed Exhibition Stand Exhibiting in the UK

 Design Consultants

When you first contact Quadrant2Design you are put in touch with one of our skilled Design Consultants. Following an initial conversation, our design consultants provide you with a free no-obligation design proposal. This proposal includes accurate 3D renders that show how your stand will look! Your design proposal can be accessed after the presentation, so you can review it with your whole team wherever they are in the world! 

We also offer you the option to purchase an Event Website; a site dedicated entirely to your exhibition stand at a particular event. Event Websites tell your prospective visitors what’s happening on your stand, where they can find you, which team you will have at the event,  what your stand will look like and your contact form! The site features a 3D render of your stand and doubles as a virtual exhibition stand. This digital marketing tool is particularly useful for those exhibiting in the UK from abroad. Your home market can still be involved in your exhibition, even if they cannot attend!

Event Website Example 

Project Management

If you’re planning to exhibit abroad, the last thing you want is to be worrying about your stand. That’s where Quadrant2Design comes in – our team of experienced Project Managers will take care of everything from initial design to the event itself, ensuring that your exhibition runs smoothly. Our Project Managers also ensure that you are kept in the loop with your stand progress. They will send you videos and pictures of your pre-build and can live chat and call you with updates. With our dedicated project managers handling the details, you can focus on showcasing your products and services and perfecting your sales strategy.

Hi Ref - Exhibiting in the UK from abroad

We Can Also Handle Any Exhibition in Europe 

If you have ever exhibited at events across Europe, you may have experienced the challenge of finding a reliable stand partner. Many companies use separate contractors for their home and overseas shows, which can become complicated and stressful to manage. Using more than one contractor can also lead to disjointed branding and design as each company has different stand solutions. These differences make it difficult to maintain a consistent image across all of your events and has a negative impact on your brand reputation. 

At Quadrant2Design, we offer a reliable and trustworthy solution for all your European exhibition needs. Our Free Hire Plan and Prestige Events System allow you to easily alter your stand for varying stand spaces and requirements. This ensures that you can maintain a consistent and professional look across all your shows, making you recognisable to visitors. 

Unlike other contractors, we have skilled stand installers who are experienced with European exhibitions and regulations. Our in-house installers securely drive the stand from the UK to your event, ensuring that it arrives safely and on time. We never subcontract any aspect of our services, which allows us to deliver the best quality and service possible. Our installers even arrive a day ahead of your event to prevent any logistical issues from arising on the day.

By choosing Quadrant2Design as your exhibition partner, you can rest assured that your brand will look consistent and professional across all events in Europe.

Your Future Events

If you are interested in Exhibiting in the UK or Europe contact our design team today at +44 (0)1202 723 500 or email design@quadrant2design.com for a free no-obligation design proposal.