• How to Set up a Trade Show Booth

    Choosing the best way to display your products or services at a trade show is a challenge for any exhibitor, especially if it is your

  • How do Trade Shows Work

    How do Trade Shows Work?

    A trade show is an event that brings together businesses in a particular industry to showcase and demonstrate their products and services to attendees and

  • Why Be an Exhibitor at a Trade Show?

    In this digital age, when so much marketing is focused online, are exhibitions still relevant? You have the potential to reach millions of customers over

  • How to Save Money when Exhibiting

    Exhibiting at a trade show can bring many benefits to your business: qualified leads who are there specifically to find products like yours, increasing brand

  • People at a exhibition hall

    What does the future hold for Business Events?

    The events industry has been hit hard by the pandemic, with all live events cancelled for over a year, many businesses associated with it will

  • Lead Capture Form

    Trade Show Lead Capture Form

    Capturing leads sounds terrifying. It’s not. To put it simply, lead capture is the process of attaining contact information from a potential customer via a

  • How to Perfect Your Sales Pitch

    Whether you’re exhibiting at a trade show, presenting via Zoom or picking up the phone, your sales pitch matters. It’s the only chance your sales

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    With the furlough scheme coming to an end, how many jobs are at risk in the events and exhibition industry? If you’ve been following the

  • The Ultimate Guide to Exhibition Stand Flooring

    What type of flooring should you use on your exhibition stand? Your exhibition stand flooring can make a huge impact on the trade show floor.