• Explanation for 'what is exhibition sales'.

    What is exhibition sales?

    An exhibition is a great place to make sales – attendees are there looking for new products and ideas, they are in buying mode.  Research

  • How to write a press release for an exhibition.

    How to Write a Press Release for an Exhibition

    You’ve booked your space, sorted out the stand, staff, promotional materials etc.  Now you’re ready to market your attendance at the exhibition.  A good way

  • what is exhibition marketing

    What is exhibition marketing

    But that’s what the exhibition is for, right — marketing? I’m really supposed to do preparatory marketing for my marketing venture? Alas, it may come

  • how-to-pick-an-exhibition-theme

    How to pick an exhibition theme that suits your brand

    A successful comedian once said, ‘Comedy isn’t about getting the most laughs. It’s about what you leave in the room.’ Essentially, this means that you

  • What is Exhibition Stand and Display Design?

    So, you’ve booked your next exhibition, reserved your space, now you need to organise an exhibition stand.  But how do you design it and what

  • What is there to do at a trade show?

      A trade show is an event where businesses exhibit their products and services to others in the same industry.  They are attended by professionals

  • How to Build an Exhibition Stand

    How to Build an Exhibition Stand

    So, you’ve chosen the exhibition that fits your business and your goals, and you’ve booked the space.  Now it’s time to think about exhibition stand

  • Ways to Promote your Business at a trade show

    8 Ways to Promote your Business at a Trade Show

    Attending a trade show is a great way to generate leads and increase awareness of your business within your industry.  But what is the best

  • what is a trade show

    What is a Trade Show?

    A trade show is an event that brings together businesses within a particular industry so that they can showcase their products and services to members