Eco Friendly Solutions

Recent environmental reports suggests more needs to be done to protect our planet. Therefore, we are excited to see packaging industry specialists opting for eco-friendly stands at the annual Packaging Innovations show in February.

The exhibition will be held at the NEC in Birmingham from the 26th-27th February 2020. Soon hundreds of packaging suppliers will attend over the course of two days. Fittingly, the show’s focus will be on a variety of industry issues, one of the most vital is how companies can continue to produce more sustainable packaging. As you may know, this is a topic which was covered at last years show too. And over the years packaging companies have made steep changes to their whole business to drastically improve their environmental footprint.

Quadrant2Design clients have said goodbye to using old-fashioned, wasteful methods of exhibiting. Instead, they are saying hello to using our sustainable and reusable Prestige stands at the show. Included in these are The Wilkins Group, who specialise in recyclable cardboard packaging, and Macpac, who create thermoformed packaging from recycled materials. Both have chosen to exhibit with our eco-friendly exhibition stands.

Unlike other exhibition systems, our Swiss-designed Prestige system – of which we are the only UK supplier – boasts stands which are built without environmentally dangerous materials such as wood and solvents. This is because Prestige stands are easily compactable, meaning smaller and more efficient vehicles can transport them to and from site. Thus, they can be used more than once! So graphics and hardware aren’t just chucked out at the end of a show. Thereover, recent data collected by the Environmental Performance Index, Switzerland is the most environmentally friendly country in the world – and the Swiss exhibition style really reflects this!

Eco Friendly Stands at Quadrant2Design

Eco-Friendly Exhibiting Solution

Finally, we’d like to say that we are delighted to see packaging professionals keen to embrace our eco-friendly exhibiting solution, as they move to make packaging itself more environmental. We really look forward to seeing their Prestige stands out and about at Packaging Innovations 2020!

So are you looking to make your business greener? Well, why not begin with a sustainable Prestige stand at your next show! For your free design proposal, contact Quadrant2Design for your free design proposal. Call +44 (0)1202 723 500 or email