For some exhibitors, the freedom to own and self build their exhibition stands is the perfect solution.

Ownership enables you to self exhibit, whenever you want, without the cost or involvement of exhibition stand contractors.

Easy self-setup

Our self build stands are custom designed yet easily self setup without tools or special knowledge.

Modules are light for transport and safe to build even for a beginner.

Stands are pre-built in our premises, for quality control, and we provide free ‘one-to-one’ training, online resources and ongoing support.

Liana erecting self building exhibition stand at Toy Fair. Chloe and Liana fitting graphics on self build exhibition stand. Finished easy build exhibition stand for Lottie at Toy Fair.

Freedom To Exhibit, Always With Our Support

Easy Self-Management

Your Prestige stand is lightweight for transport, easy to setup (without tools) and compact for storage.

Safe to Build

Your stand is built without tools, and is lightweight to handle and assemble. Every aspect of building your stand is clean-process, and involves no solvents, chemicals or debris.

Free 'one-to-one' Training

Before you build your first stand on site, you build it first at our factory, under one-to-one instruction, from one of our skilled fitters.

Online help Resources

You are just a website click away, from a whole range of animation and videos, that help you with specific aspects of assembly, any time of the day (or night).

Free Lifetime design

Whenever you exhibit at a new show, or you have a different stand space, our exhibition designers will ‘redesign’ and reconfigure your stand to fit the new space, entirely free of charge.

Guarantee on core component

The core component of your exhibition stand is covered by a lifetime guarantee.

Pre-Build Peace Of Mind

Your self-build exhibition stand, like every stand we create, is fully pre-built before dispatch or installation. This pre-build is the ultimate quality control check, allowing us to deal with any potential issues well before the exhibition stands first use.

Reconfigure and Reuse, with free lifetime design

When you self build your display stands, you will encounter different stand space, at different shows.

Our service, is organised around making it easy, for you to reconfigure and reuse your stand in different spaces.

We do this by keeping your design (structure and graphics) in our design library, ready to be recalled and reconfigured, whenever needed.

Learn about free lifetime design