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Self Build Exhibition Stands

Quadrant2Design, design, build and supply a wide range of portable and modular self build exhibition stands, that are super-easy to transport, and setup, without tools or specialist knowledge.

sustainable construction industry modular stand
healthcare modular stand with branded back-lit features
large global reusable modular stand

3 Great Investment Choices

Call 01202 723 500 to chat with one of our expert consultants, who will guide you through the different options, or use our Contact Form for free design mock-ups and a full quotation.



Ownership | Self-Build | Training & Support


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Management | Expert Install | Free Hire


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Hire | Self-Build | Training & Support


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  • Design of self build exhibition stands
  • Free colour visual, design ideas
  • Graphic design, printing and finishing
  • Stand manufacture in Prestige Events System
  • 100% pre-build quality check


  • Free one-to-one self build training
  • Video of your stand being setup
  • Online stand building instructional animations
  • Unlimited telephone and email support
  • Assisted installation service available


Why Construct your own Stands?

For some exhibitors, self-build exhibition stands make perfect sense.

If you have several or more events a year and have the right skill-set within your personnel, then self-management can make good sense.

Full ownership of your exhibition stand also gives you the freedom to participate in shows and events more often, and with less cost.

And if your chosen stand building solution is modular, you can reconfigure for the differently sized stand space that you will encounter at various shows.

What are the pros and cons of self-building?


  • More freedom to exhibit
  • Exhibit more frequently
  • Reduced costs


  • Money tied up in stand hardware
  • Staff re-routed to managing stand builds
  • Need to store and transport

Our Stand Solution

Quadrant2Design design and build with the worlds premier self-build exhibition  stands, called the Prestige Events System.

‘Prestige’ is the most advanced system available, with a unique set of attributes that make it perfect for the self-management of an exhibiting programme.


  • Lightweight and compact for storage, transport and build
  • Modular, can be reconfigured for different stand space
  • Portable, easier to transport, and with reduced cost
  • Easy set up, without tools or specialised knowledge
  • Versatile and interchangeable stands and displays

And Prestige is the only self build exhibition stand system that exhibitors can use to self fabricate complex, fully-featured exhibition stands, rather than just displays.

No other solution is more comfortable to construct with, than the Prestige system.

Expanding frames quickly makeup metres of robust and stable exhibition walls. Graphics then fix magnetically to these structures, followed by showcases, lighting and digital presentations.

The result is a fully-featured exhibition stand construction that’s quickly built, with minimal fuss, without tools of any kind, and by inexperienced (but trained) staff.


How do we help?

Many companies who sell self build exhibition stands are what we might call ‘box-shifters’. They offer cheap solutions with no aftercare or support.

Quadrant2Design are specialist suppliers of Custom-Modular exhibition stands. Our exhibition stands are portable, modular and reusable, and easy to put together.

Unlike ‘box-shifters’ we have a reputation to protect. We make sure that our self-build clients have the right solution, and that it works for them in the way intended.

Our business-model is centred-upon enabling our exhibitors to use their exhibition stands as much as possible, taking maximum advantage of the stands portable, modular and reusable characteristics.


Free Training and Support

If you want a ‘cheapo’ solution from a ‘box-shifting’ company, we’re not the right people for you.

With us, your exhibition stand is a custom-designed creation, that’s designed and built in the easy-to-setup Prestige Events System.

We regard our self-build clients as part of our ‘Prestige-family’, and we support you with free ‘one-to-one’ training and 24/7 online animated tutorials.

Please remember that Prestige is modular, and easily reconfigured to suit your future stand space at different events.

And once you become a self-build client, you’re automatically entitled to our Lifetime Free Design

Free Design Visuals + FREE Photo-Floor™

Fresh, new, alternative design ideas for your next self build exhibition stands, with your branding, images and colours. Free of charge and without obligation


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