Self-building your exhibition stands

Self build exhibition stands offer you the enormous freedom to exhibit without the involvement, or cost, of an exhibition stand contractor.

This freedom suits clients who have the confidence and resources to handle their own logistics and installations.

Quadrant2Design’s Prestige Events System, is also the worlds easiest exhibition stands system to self-install; stands are quickly built, without tools or any special knowledge.

To see how quick and easy, please take a look at our amazing video: £1000 challenge to our competitors

And you’ll be reassured to know, that our self build stands are also remarkably safe to build (as long as common-sense principles are applied).

We specialise in helping exhibitors self-manage and self-install their exhibition stands. For free design visuals and quotation, call 01202 723 500 or email

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Why choose the Prestige Events System?

Ease of Use -Prestige are the worlds easiest self-build exhibition stands to build with, take a look at our video: £1000 Charity Challenge

Speed of Setup – Building a Prestige stand is much quicker than with rival solutions

Safety of Build – Stands are built with no tools, and the structure is lightweight (but very strong) making Prestige an extremely safe solution to work with

Compact for storage and transport – Like for like, Prestige exhibition stands are remarkably light and compact when packed down

Custom-designed look – No other self build solution comes anywhere near the look of a Prestige stand, take a look at Prestige stand examples

Quadrant2Design’s Support – As Europe’s leading self-build contractor, we provide an unparalleled level of support and and training

You enjoy our support and training

We regard our self-build clients as part of our extended ‘Prestige family’ and we support you with free ‘one-to-one’ training and 24/7 online animated tutorials.

By special arrangement, we can also video your training for future reference. Please remember that if you’re on-site and need help, we’re only a phone-call or email away (our advice and help is freely given).

And if you feel you need some extra on-site help (perhaps for a more complex and challenging build) you can take advantage of our Assisted Installation Service

If you would like to discuss the possibility of self-build exhibition stands, call 01202 723 500 or email


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