Self Build Exhibition Stands

Buy2self-build™ gives you the freedom to buy and self build your exhibition stands, supported by our free training and online support tools

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Self-building your exhibition stands

Choose our Buy2self-build™ plan and you have the freedom to self manage and self-setup your exhibition stand.

This reduces costs, allowing you to exhibit more often, with less notice, at more shows. And please remember that our stands are modular and scalable, allowing you to easily reuse your stand at future shows.

To understand more about the modular characteristics see: Modular Exhibition Stands and Reusable Exhibition Stands

We are the exclusive supplier of the Swiss-designed, Prestige Events System – the worlds leading self-build exhibiting system.

Prestige is the only ‘true’ self-build system that creates ‘fully-featured’ larger scale exhibition stands, that are indistinguishable from very expensive custom-build structures.

We’re confident that Prestige is the quickest, easiest and best, self build system that we run a permanent challenge to competitors in our £1000 Charity Challenge

Why choose Prestige?

  • Easy to build: with Prestige, metres of curved or flat exhibition graphic-walling can be set-up in minutes, with no special skills or knowledge.
  • Modular and reusable: Prestige allows you to easily reconfigure for future stand space. We make this super easy with our Lifetime Free Design
  • Fully-featured: Your Prestige stand is custom-designed, with product showcases, interactive flat-screen TV’s and special branding features.
  • Safety: with no tools required, Prestige is extremely safe to build.
  • Lightweight & compact: you can use smaller vehicles and less storage space between your shows.
  • Free training and support: you build your own stand, in our premises and under our supervision, weeks before the ‘real’ build.

We hold your hand…

If you want a ‘cheapo’ solution from a ‘box-shifting’ company, we’re not the right people for you.

With us, your exhibition stand is a custom-designed creation, that’s designed and built in the easy-to-setup Prestige Events System.

We regard our self-build clients as part of our ‘Prestige-family’ and we support you with free ‘one-to-one’ training and 24/7 online animated tutorials.

Please remember that Prestige is modular, and easily reconfigured to suit your future stand space at different events. And once you become a self-build client you’re automatically entitled to our Lifetime Free Design

If you would like to discuss the possibility of self-setup exhibition stands, call 01202 723 500 or email

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Bespoke stand for Optiflex
bespoke design visuals for stand at the Vaping Show

Free Design Visuals

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