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What are Buy2self-build™ stands?

Our self build exhibition stands are the easiest and safest way to manage your own exhibition stand installations.

Not only are they safe and easy, but your exhibition stand will also be quick to build, saving you both money and time.

Your stand is modular, and therefore reusable in different space. We make it easy for you, to reconfigure your exhibition stand so that it can be reused at future shows.

With our self build exhibition stands, you retain full ownership of your stand and graphics, eliminating any reliance on an exhibition contractor.

However, we are always there for you! We support you with free ‘one-to-one’ training, online tutorials and unlimited telephone and email contact.

So you have the ‘best of both worlds’ – the freedom to exhibit freely and at less cost, but knowing that Quadrant2Design ‘have your back’ with expert help and guidance.

Our self-build exhibition stands are the (without a doubt) the safest, quickest and most easy to assemble. But please remember that self-construction is not always for everyone!

So, you may also want to consider our two other purchasing plans, Free2hire™ and Hire2self-build™ which under some circumstances may better suit your needs.


  • Reduced costs
  • Eliminate reliance on exhibition contractors
  • Freedom to exhibit at any time
  • Reconfigure for different stand space
  • Support and training
  • Safe to build
  • Quick to build
  • Easy to build


  • Full ownership of all stand materials
  • Self-assemble exhibits that are custom-designed
  • Stands that are modular and reusable
  • You self-manage and self-install
  • Light for transport
  • Compact for storage
  • Start to finish, turn-key service

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Self build exhibition stand
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Free Design Visuals +  Free Photo-Floor™

Fresh, new, alternative design ideas for your self build exhibition stands, in the United Kingdom or Europe, with your branding, images and colours. Free of charge and without obligation.


Get Your Designs

2 More Buying Options

Although ourself build exhibition stands are popular with Quadrant2Design’s customers, those exhibitors who prefer to have a different experience may wish to examine the following two options.



Hire | Self-Build | Training & Support


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Management | Expert Install | Free Hire


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Easily Setup Displays FAQ’s

Customer Reviews

A lot of our customers use our fantastic Buy2self-build™ plan, providing them with exhibition stand hire services at an extremely competitive cost. Some of our customers share their experiences here.

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