When you exhibit, you’re putting your company ‘on-show’ and your reputation on the line.

As your exhibition designers and builders, we take this responsibility fully on-board.

So if you’re making a choice, between us and other suppliers, you need some answers to a series of challenging due diligence questions.

Ask us anything

We’ve been in business for 22-years, learning, perfecting and refining our processes and procedures.

And every process and procedure, contributes to the flawless delivery of your exhibition stand project.

If you choose an inadequate stand supplier, the consequences can be serious.

So we think you should ask potential suppliers, some due diligence questions, that will reveal their suitability to handle your companys important exhibition project.

Ask us anything… but ask our competitors as well!

9 Crucial Questions

Are you financially sound?

As in any sector, at any given time, there will be exhibition contractors in financial distress, and maybe going out of business.

The consequences of working with a contractor going bust, can be devastating; leaving you out of pocket, and without an exhibition stand.

You should ask any potential supplier to provide you with an up-to-date credit report, or give you the information needed, so that you can make independant checks.

At Quadrant2Design, we welcome any credit check you wish to make. Our company name is Exhibit-UK.Net Ltd (trading as Quadrant2Design). Our company registration is 3993526

Will you pre-build my stand?

In our view, it’s reckless not to pre-build your exhibition stand before the event, and then expect it be ‘right on the day’.

We pre-build every exhibition stand, days or weeks, before the ‘real’ build at the exhibition venue.

This is a 100% pre-build, with everything in place, exactly as it will appear on site at the show. This gives us the unique opportunity to quality check every aspect of an exhibition stand before delivery.

You’re welcome to visit the pre-build of your stand, or we’ll send you photographs and video.

How safe is my stand?

Old fashioned stands (built of MDF panels, metal and acrylic) have ‘in-built’ health and safety risks.

For starters, they’re heavy, and an accident during build-up or during the show, can result in serious injury.

These old-fashioned stands need polluting HGV transport to get to the venue, and then potentially dangerous fork-lift use, within a busy build-up environment.

And during the build process, they generate a great deal of dust and rubbish, that fill the aisles, and create an unhealthy environment for workers and passer-bys.

Add-in the use of hammers, saws and power-tools at height, and you have an unhelpful, toxic, health and safety risk.

Our stands are created in the Prestige Events System, and are inherently safe, and easy to build and use.

Our stands are built from lightweight, but immensely strong, aluminium lattice-work.

They use light transport, no fork-lifts, and better still – no hazardous power-tools.

All materials come to site fully manufactured, so your on-site build is entirely clean-process, generating NO dust, NO fumes and NO rubbish. All reducing on-site risk.

Is my stand reusable?

Our whole approach is centred on reusability.

Our solution is called the Prestige Events System. Prestige is a high-end modular system that is exclusive to Quadrant2Design.

Using Prestige, enables us to design exhibition stands, that can be reconfigured to fit different stand space, at different shows and venues.

We archive all your stand designs, and graphic designs, in our Servers, so that we can quickly ‘re-design’ your materials, and re-use them on your future shows.

We also store your physical stand structure and graphics, free of charge, ready for your next project.

The net result: beautiful and functional exhibition stands, that are reusable and that save you a great deal of money.

Describe your quality control?

Once we have completed the creative side of your exhibition stand, we ‘press the button’ on our production process.

This is a factory-like process, with important quality-control milestones, at key points along the way.

This is handled and coordinated by your Project Manager, who will keep you informed and involved in the process.

Our quality control measures, culminate in the 100% pre-build of your stand, complete in every detail – exactly as the stand will appear, in the exhibition hall, at your trade-show.

We positively welcome your presence at the pre-build, but if you can’t make it, we’ll send video or images for you to examine.

We strongly recommend, that you do not use any exhibition contractor, who refuses to pre-build your exhibition stand, and can not provide a detailed explanation of their quality control checks and processes

Do you sub-contract anything?

At Quadrant2Design, every process, and every service, is IN-HOUSE. Nothing is sub-contracted.

Most exhibition companies sub-contract out, some aspect, of their service, production or stand manufacturing.

The danger with sub-contracting, is a loss of control, leading to lateness, quality issues, and failure to deliver.

We will not allow that risk on your important exhibition stand project. At Quadrant2Design, all design, printing, finishing, production, manufacturing, transport and installations, are undertaken in-house, using our own employed staff and resources. In short, we sub-contract nothing to third-parties.

Are your stands Sustainable?

Yes, Quadrant2Design, offer you the most sustainable exhibition stands on the planet!

All of our materials, and stand-building components, are RECYCLED again and again, on different stands, at different shows, venues and locations. Never disposed of, never wasted or thrown away.

And because 90% of our stands are supplied on our unique free-hire plan, stand elements are always reused. Contrast this to old-fashioned ‘Build ‘n’ Burn’ stands, that are trashed after every show. A shocking misuse of valuable resources.

Our stands also use smaller, less polluting vehicles, and fewer on-site resources. Even the ink used on your graphic panels is harmless and non-polluting.

Who builds my stand on-site?

We do. Our exhibition stand installers are employed by us. Trained by us, to our high standards, and responsible to you, our clients.

They truly are the backbone of our company, and make a huge contribution to our success and reputation, as evidenced in the hundreds of positive reviews, you can view on this website.

So with us, no sub-contraction to ‘cowboys’ or ‘fly-by-nights’. We only use our own mature, experienced and responsible people, with proven skills and abiities, and who are committed to leaving you with a perfect result.

What is 3D Proofing..? and why is it so important?

Once you ‘press the button’ on your exhibition stand, a final graphic design will be designed.

This is the final design, as it will appear, on your completed stand.

Our competitors will only show you flat 2D proofs of this final graphic design. The problem with this, is that it doesn’t represent, exactly how this final graphic design, will appear on your three-dimensional stand structure. We believe this can be misleading.

For that reason, at Quadrant2Design, we will always present you with you finished graphic design, rendered onto a 3D Model of your exhibition stand.

This shows you exactly how your graphics will look, when applied to the shapes and contours of your exhibition stand, giving you the best appreciation of how your design will work in reality. Quadrant2Design is the only contractor, who will do this for you.

What matters to you?

Some people only want the lowest price. This may be understandable for a variety of reasons, but we’re not the right supplier for these people.

We offer beautiful and functional exhibition stands, that are extremely high value, and that are reusable and sustainable, over the mid to longer term.

We do this within a fair pricing framework, that is competitive compared to similar high-quality contractors, but which allows us to offer you the highest level of service, security and reliability.

Your reputation is important to us, and when you use Quadrant2Design, your working with like-minded people who share your values, and who will work extremely hard to give you the exhibiting experience you deserve.

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