If you’re making a choice, between us and another supplier, you will need some answers to a range of challenging questions.

Ask us anything

We’ve been in business for 21-years, learning, perfecting and refining our processes and procedures.

And behind every process and procedure, is the flawless delivery of your exhibition stand project.

If you choose a poor exhibition stand supplier, the consequences can be serious.

So we think you should ask potential suppliers, some challenging questions.

Ask us anything… but ask our competitors as well!

UK stand designers pre-building display booth

Difficult Questions you must ask potential suppliers

Can you prove you're financially sound?

As in any sector, at any given time, there will be exhibition contractors in financial distress, and maybe going out of business.

The consequences of working with a contractor going bust, can be devastating; leaving you out of pocket, and without an exhibition stand.

You should ask any potential supplier to provide you with an up-to-date credit report, or give you the information needed, so that you can make independant checks.

Do you pre-build our exhibition stand?

In our view, it’s foolhardy not to pre-build an exhibition stand before the event, and then expect it be ‘right on the day’.

We pre-build every exhibition stand, days or weeks, before the ‘real’ build at the exhibition venue.

This is a 100% pre-build, with everything in place, exactly as it will appear on site at the show. This gives us the unique opportunity to quality check every aspect of an exhibition stand before delivery.

You’re welcome to visit the pre-build or we’ll send you photographs and video.

Are your exhibition stands safe?

Old fashioned stands (built of MDF panels, metal and acrylic) have ‘in-built’ health and safety risks.

For starters, they’re heavy, and an accident during build-up or during the show, can result in serious injury.

These old-fashioned stands need polluting HGV transport to get to the venue, and then potentially dangerous fork-lift use, within a busy build-up environment.

Add-in the use of power-tools ‘at height’ and you have an extremely unhelpful, elevated, health and safety risk.

Our stands are created in the Prestige Events System, and are inherently safe, and easy to build and use.

Our stands are built from lightweight, but immensely strong, aluminium lattice-work. They use light transport, no fork-lifts, and better still – no hazardous power-tools.

Are your stands sustainable?

Can you explain your quality control processes?

What matters to you?