‘Design-led’ philosophy at Quadrant2Design leads to new Director appointment for Chloe Anderton.

October will mark the fourth year Chloe has been with Quadrant2Design. Initially hired as a  Project Manager, she managed clients’ exhibition projects from start to finish, meaning that within a very short space of time she’d learnt the Exhibition Industry inside out. Her contribution to the company as a Project manager was extremely impressive, helping to develop and maintain the company’s unique project management methodology.

As a result of her work in production, Chloe was promoted to Marketing, where she used her knowledge of the Exhibition Industry to create the firm foundations of our direct marketing, digital marketing, social media and public relations strategies.

She continued to develop exceptional communications skills, forming some of the strongest client relationships that Quadrant2Design still maintain. She gradually transitioned into a Design Consultant role, where she worked further to extend Quadrant2Design’s network of top-level clients.

The creation of the role of Design Director helps reflect our move to drive sales through a combination of unique exhibition stand designs, strong awareness for clients’ branding needs and high-impact graphic design.

Alan Jenkins, Managing Director of Quadrant2Design said: “Chloe has always excelled for us, she is an expert in the industry, a lively personality and knows how to make designs work for clients. As Design Director she is a great asset in attracting clients who are interested in having the best design on the best exhibition stand system that the industry has to offer.”