Demisto security orchestration platform

Demisto heads to Switzerland to exhibit at the leading Swiss Cyber Security Days. The expo provides a base for international experts within the cybersecurity industry to share the latest insights.

It comes as no surprise that Demisto a company specialising in Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) will be attending this event.

Exhibiting with our free hire plan means that they can borrow the hardware components of the stand completely free. The only costs incurred from us are the graphic purchase and installation fee.

Re-use at home and abroad

What makes the free hire option so attractive is the freedom to exhibit at any time, without the added logistics minefield. Especially with a busy events calendar which takes you from the UK to abroad.

Our package covers all aspects of the installation and planning elements. As a result, it makes for a stress-free exhibiting experience for our clients. Quite literally turn up on the event day and your stand will be ready for you to show off.

Moreover, our solution is re-useable. The same stand can be re-used at many exhibitions because it’s able to be reconfigured. Whether it’s a 3mx2m space or a large 10mx8m area we’ll be able to find a way to re-use as much as your existing graphic panels as possible.