Dedienne Multiplasturgy Group – Breaking the mould in manufacturing

Specialists in metal substitution for the Automotive and Aerospace Industry, Dedienne Multiplasturgy are a European leader in the manufacturing of composite and high end performance polymers.

Every product that is produced by Dedienne Multiplasturgy is developed, designed and manufactured tailored to the customer’s specific requirements. The company manufacture parts, sub-assemblies and plastic out of autoclave composites to meet the challenges of replacing metals, they also design products with electromagnetic compatibility for absorbing or reflecting microwaves used in radar applications.

Having successfully exhibited at 12 shows across the UK and Europe, Dedienne Multiplasturgy returned to Advanced Engineering this year to showcase the technology that they can offer to new customers while increasing their exposure within the UK.

The Advanced Engineering exhibition is the UK’s fastest growing and largest annual event for advanced engineering communities, thousands of technologies, products, solutions and partners exhibit at the show; attracting a huge influx of visitors.

Dedienne Multiplasturgy have, with their “Multiplasturgy” one stop shop solution, positioned the company as one of the reference specialists in France for the substitution of metal with plastic. This technology has been a great resource for clients looking for a specific manufacturing solution, plus, this alternative solution also offers significant weight savings.

With export offices located in the UK and Germany combined with manufacturing sites in France (3) and Romania (1), Dedienne Multiplasturgy Group is certainly making a mark in the UK and European industries and show no sign of slowing down just yet.

The Group exhibited with their Prestige Exhibition Stand, supplied by exhibition designers, Quadrant2Design.

If you would like to find out more about Dedienne Multiplasturgy Group, visit their website or contact M2X Ltd their UK business development partner. To learn more about Quadrant2Design, the Prestige Events System and how they might be able to help you with exhibiting, email the Design Team: