Custom, modular, Prestige – What do they all mean?

Exhibitors looking for a new exhibition stand get bombarded with confusing terms: bespoke, custom, modular, self-build etc.

Here is a quick guide to help understand your options when you’re about to purchase a new exhibition stand.

And if you would like to get some fresh ideas for your next stand, we offer free design visuals, personalised with your branding and images.

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‘Bespoke’ and ‘Custom’ generally refer to traditional carpentry-style build.

These stands are heavy for transport, slow to build and represent a greater health and safety risk.

Traditional custom build stand are expensive to re-use and often impossible to reconfigure for different stand space.



‘Modular’ in our humble view is an overused term, often applied to glorified display systems which are not suitable to represent serious SME or Corporate exhibitors.

You may also find Custom-build companies claiming their stands are modular and reusable too.

While there may be possibilities to reuse parts of the stand, many of the construction will have to put together again from scratch and can be very costly.


In the early days of Quadrant2Design – we were fortunate to inherit a unique Swiss exhibition stand solution called the Prestige Events System.

Prestige stands bridge the gap between Custom and Modular – combining the strengths of both types of exhibition stand to provide a premium long-lasting solution.

More and more exhibitors are turning to Prestige, making us one of the most active exhibition designers and builders in the UK.

  • Prestige stands feature breathtaking custom-design graphics that entirely cover and hide structure.
  • Stands are entirely reconfigurable and reusable in future different spaces, which can be super cost-effective for you, particularly when planned ahead.
  • Quick to build, without tools and using less labour and resources; Prestige stands are reliable, safe and sustainable.

Modular Stands

Your Prestige exhibition stand is a custom-design creation that is also modular and reusable in different stand space at future exhibitions

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Free Designs

If you’re looking for fresh new ideas for your next exhibition stand project, we offer free design proposals, personalised with your branding and images

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Self Build

Our exhibition stands are super-easy to self-build, plus we support you with free ‘one-to-one’ training and online tutorials

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