Whether hiring or buying a custom exhibition stand, understanding the installation phase of a project is crucial. It’s the point at which months of hard work come together to form a stand which will represent a company or brand to thousands of potential customers. Installation is a make-or-break moment for any exhibitor and their stand, with limited time, contractors working away from their manufacturing facilities and a show that opens whether you are ready or not.

In this article, we will look at how custom exhibition stands are installed, from traditional custom builds to Quadrant2Design’s custom-designed, modular stands. Throughout we will discuss the process and common issues that can occur in a stand installation. Importantly we will also tell you what we do to ensure our stands are installed perfectly, every time.

large custom design exhibition stand for tribe payments hired from Quadrant2design.

How Are Traditional Custom Exhibition Stands Installed

A traditional custom build exhibition stand installation involves several days of skilled onsite labour, bringing partly fabricated sections of the structure together before being painted or clad. This can be a messy, labour-intensive, material-heavy process that comes at a considerable cost. There is also a large degree of risk as the stand comes together for the first time only a matter of hours before a show, leaving little time to resolve any issues.

After the show ends, many of the materials are disposed of with no opportunity to reuse them. This is due to traditional custom builds being specific to just one design and event. With a ‘build and burn’ approach to exhibitions, the environmental impact is also significantly high.

How Are Quadrant2Designs Custom Designed, Modular Stands Installed?

Quadrant2Design are the UK’s most popular exhibition stand hire contractor, with over 600 successful installations yearly. Each stand is custom designed to the customer’s exact requirements, yet is built from a wide range of modular components, making the installation of a custom-designed stand simpler, easier, safer and more cost-effective.

Quadrant2Design exclusively operate with Prestige Events System, meaning every stand can be installed by the same tried and tested method guaranteed to deliver perfectly installed stands every time. For our larger custom-designed stands we would always recommend using our professional install service, however small custom designs can easily be built by the exhibiting company, after a training session with our experienced installers.

Whether you are utilising our professional installation service or self-building, you have the peace of mind that the full stand has been 100% pre-built and checked ahead of the show. Stands can all be built on-site within one day and no tools are required.

sponge UK exhibition stand, 6x6 island, 5m tall, blue and red, with banner


Our free-hire plan is, without a doubt, our most popular service for custom-designed exhibition stand with our customers. The plan is a flexible and cost-effective method of hiring a stand that includes full project management and professional installation and dismantling.

As we carry large stock levels of the Prestige Events System, we can offer the hardware on a free-hire (loan) basis. You will only pay for the installation of the stand, graphics, design and project management.

Our large team of professional stand installers are fully trained with knowledge of all UK venues and major Mainland Europe venues. The logistics team coordinate every detail to provide the smoothest of stand installations.

Depending on the stand size and venue location, the installation usually takes place the day before the show, however for one-day events, our stands can even be built on the morning of a show.

For any overseas installs, our team will personally transport your stand a few days in advance of the event, in our modern fleet of vehicles. With our 22 years of experience, we are fully aware of the complications and delays that come with international travel, your stand never leaves the care of one of our team members.

White and blue exhibition stand 4m x 2m size, with blue photo-floor, showcases and literature display, counter etc

During the build, our installation team will coordinate all on-site services, such as AV, rigging, furniture and electrics, so when you arrive at your space, the stand is ready to use.

Finally, our installers will walk you through using the stand and answer any questions you may have before handing the stand over for the show.

After the event, our exhibition stand installation team will simply return, carefully dismantle the stand, and return it to Quadrant2Design, storing your graphic panels free of charge until your next event!

It is that easy; you will arrive on the day of the event to find your stand ready to go. When the event is over you hand the stand back to us, and our team will do the rest.

We have perfected the entirety of the process to make it as swift as possible, allowing you and your company to focus fully on having a great, worthwhile experience at the event.


For some exhibitors, owning the modular framework and being able to self-build provides great freedom, and eliminates any future involvement with exhibition stand contractors. Ideal for frequent exhibitors with smaller stand spaces and team members who are happy to get stuck into building a stand. Self-build stands are generally quicker and easier to build, but the trade-off is that stands are simpler and therefore don’t stand out at the show.

Quadrant2Designs self-build stands are still all custom-designed and thanks to the clever system, can still include a range of engaging features you would usually associate with a more complex stand requiring professional installation.

To learn the ins and outs of installing your exhibition stand, we provide dedicated one-to-one training with our professional installers, using your exact stand. Additionally, our website includes many video tutorials, dedicated to each section of the modular framework, providing you with a step-by-step guide.

Liana erecting self building exhibition stand at Toy Fair.

If you have any other questions about the installation and breakdown process, our team is always available through email and phone. If you are looking to heighten your creativity, we have an exhibition stand ideas page and a dedicated website, exhibition-stands.com.

This leaves you with the flexibility to plan your installations, in a way that best suits your business.

If you are in the market for a bespoke exhibition stand, or simply want more information, please contact us by emailing design@quadrant2design.com or calling 01202 723 500 to arrange your free, no-obligation, design proposal.