We offer an amazing hire plan for custom stands that you can use for our exhibitions and events across the country.

Hiring a custom exhibition stand might seem like a contradiction.

Your typical exhibition stand hire involves a generic design, made of tired equipment used by a number of different organisations, not very inspiring.

Custom exhibition stands can produce some of the most eye-catching, innovative displays seen at trade shows and other events. They are generally one-off constructions that are both unique to the customer and difficult to reuse, not very hireable!

Here at Quadrant2Design, we can bridge that gap with bespoke stand designs that can be hired.

Open 3 side, large exhibition stand for Jiminny by Quadrant2Design

What do we provide that is different?

Our stands are custom designed to your unique ideas and requirements, yet the structure is produced from a huge range of modular parts, which are not unique to a particular stand design. This gives you a custom-modular stand, that can be hired.

The best bit… you don’t pay a penny to hire the stand structure on our Free Hire Plan and re-hiring your stand typically costs 70% less from the second show onwards.

How does it work?

On our unique Free Hire Plan we loan out all the hardware for your stand structure at no cost. You just pay for your reusable graphic panels containing your branding and our installation and dismantle service.

Even though you own your graphic panels we still store them completely free of charge between shows. So, for future events you don’t need to pay for the hire of the stand structure or your graphic panels, you only pay for the installation and dismantle service. This gives you a truly customised stand that you can hire time and time again at a minimal cost.

On top of all this, the modularity of all our stands allows us to re-work and re-design the structure for different stand spaces and shapes across your whole exhibiting calendar.

Benefits of the Free Hire Plan

  • Zero cost stand structure
  • Your budget is better spent
  • Bigger stands at less cost
  • Rebrand easily
  • Custom designed on a hire basis
  • Professional installations
  • Any size of exhibition space
  • Schell scheme or space-only

Custom exhibition stand features

We can provide you with a wide variety of stand features to enhance the design of the custom exhibition stand. Not only will it become a great experience for the stand visitors, but a memorable one too!

Have a look at our exhibition stand features page to see what you can apply to your next custom-modular stand.

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