We design and build custom exhibition stands… with a significant difference.

Your stand design is bespoke and unique, yet modular and reusable, in varied exhibiting space, at different trade shows. We call this style custom-modular.

This approach of combining custom design with modularity and reusability, is central to our service.

For a free design proposal, please email design@quadrant2design.com

Custom design island stand for Fona by Quadrant2Design. Featuring high-level branding.
Large peninsular-style custom exhibition stand for edcast. Featuring back-lit graphics, a printed photo-floor and exhibition counter.

Benefits of custom stands

What is the purpose of exhibiting? To elevate your company in buyers eyes, engage with visitors and ultimately, to sell more of your products and services.

Custom exhibition stands that are original, well designed and functional are the best tool for the job!

The top-5 benefits of custom exhibits

  • The ‘design freedom’ allows your designer to perfectly reflect the personality of your brand.
  • You can craft a look and feel that has more impact in the exhibition hall than standard exhibits.
  • The architecture of a bespoke exhibition stand will improve engagement with visitors.
  • A personalised design is more likely to be remembered, aiding post-show follow-up.
  • Unique signage or branding features are possible with custom-builds, that are not with standard trade-show booths.

Examples of Custom Design Concepts

Notice something really originative about Quadrant2Design's exhibition stands? All of our exhibits feature personalised graphic Photo-Floor™ that demands attention in the exhibition hall. Take a look at our Photo-Gallery for hundreds of new-concepts in custom-designed display-booths.

Large, green trade show stand designed for Aesthetic Source.
Large trade show stand for Jiminny with white and blue branding.
Large custom trade show stand for Tribe Payments. Features include high level branding and edge-lit acrylics.
Custom built island stand for K Rend. Featuring green and white branding.
Large custom-designed exhibition stand for Your Zone 45.

Tailor-made exhibits, that are reusable and sustainable

Why are our custom stands better?

Traditional custom-build stands are not reusable. They’re also wasteful, polluting, unsafe to build, and bad for the environment.

Our stands are designed and built in a better way.

Using Quadrant2Design, your show exhibit will be personalised and unique. But because it’s designed in reusable modules and graphics, you can reconfigure to fit different floor-space, at different shows, over an exhibiting campaign.

And we make reconfiguring and reusing your stand really easy, using our Lifetime Free Design service.

Bespoke exhibition stand designers for 22-years

We know what we’re doing!

We’ve been designing individual-style exhibits and graphic displays for over 21-years.

Always working with our clients brief, we’ve designed displays that are quirky and idiosyncratic, sometimes a bit eccentric, through to a completely corporate look.

It depends on what’s appropriate for our exhibitor and their objectives, and what meets their design brief.

Take a look at our Photo-Gallery to see hundreds of examples.

Customised graphic flooring solution

You’ll have noticed, that most of our exhibition stands, feature beautiful graphic flooring.

We decided some time ago, that the standard carpet available for trade-shows, did not fit our desire to supply exhibitors with a bespoke look.

This lead us to develop our Photo-Floor™ – an option now available with all our exhibition stands.

So if you want to ditch the ‘boring-flooring’ and go with a specially-made photo floor, please email design@quadrant2design.com

Bespoke peninsular exhibition stand for Astley Clarke.

In-House Design & build

We operate over three purpose-built, fully-owned factories in Poole, Dorset. Our in-house design and manufacturing services include:

  • 3D CAD design and graphic design process
  • Lifetime Free Design service
  • Custom exhibition stands
  • Photo-Floor™ design and printing
  • Full project management
  • In-house manufacturing
  • 100% quality pre-build
  • Stand construction and installations
  • Rental or purchase
  • Hardware and graphics storage
  • Worldwide logistics

Innovative Design Features and Benefits

Our solution breaks new ground with truly original design features that are not seen on other custom-modular exhibits.

  • Leading-edge '100-Graphic Look'
  • Precision CAD-design
  • Inventive graphic design
  • '4-D' custom-made product showcases
  • Engaging digital presentations
  • Backlit graphics, logo's and branding
  • Laser-cut engraved signage and branding
  • Exclusive Photo-Floors™
  • Integrated video-walls
  • Revolving branding features
  • High-level branding
  • Purpose-designed over-stand banners
  • Reusable and Sustainable
  • Lightweight and Portable exhibiting